Alive ~Niall Horan FanFiction~

Hey I'm Jenny Silver. I'm 17 years old. And I'm in one of those popular girls group. But I'm not those kind of girls who gossip about everything that's happening and dates every boy they know. It's a weird thing to say this but... I don't want to be popular any more. I just want to normal and at least a little notice though. It gets really annoying after a while when your popular. Trust me. Guys tried flirting with me but I rejected them because I don't want to date a jock, that's for sure! I really don't want to tell my 'friends' because they might kick me off and probably ignore me and tell the whole school about it. I really don't want that to happen. If that does happen, I would get bullied and teased, I would become the school nerd and other bad things that happen! And also, I heard that there is a new student from Ireland named, Niall. I want to see who he is! :)


4. Chapter 4.

Niall's P.O.V

  After book club, wait, why am I in here any ways? God, I'm such a geek, no wonder no body likes me. At least Jenny likes me right? Or is she lying about it to not hurt my feelings. But what I said to her is true. I really like Jenny, but I'm just to afraid to admit it right in front of her face even though I just met her today. But hey, I told her and she was fine with that! I just feel like dance like a retard now! That's how happy I am. Ever have that feeling where there's butterflies in your stomach when you just met someone you really like? Yep, that's me!

  I walked home and set my books down on my desk. Wait, maybe Jenny only likes bad boys. I looked down at my clothes. A shirt with two front pockets, my shirt tucked in my trousers, suspenders, neatly tied shoes. Ok maybe I do look like a geek. I walked over to my closet and found my brother's old leather jacket. I tried it on and it fits perfectly. Maybe that will do! I put back into my closet. I walked towards the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror. Am I that ugly? Look at me! I have glasses and braces! That's in the nerd level. I really don't know why Jenny likes THIS. Looking in the drawers in the bathroom, I found my contacts. My mum said that to only use them for special occasions. This is a special occasion, right?! Wait, what am I doing? I'm doing something that's totally the opposite form who I am. I asked to much questions. Maybe Jenny doesn't want that... I don't think I'm going to wear this to school tomorrow.

*Next day*

  I woke up to my super annoying alarm. I turned it off and jumped out of bed. Great, another day at school where I get bullied by jocks and teachers don't even care about it. I sigh and get into the shower. After I was clean and finish, I hopped out and put on a clean set of clothes. I packed everything I need and went to the kitchen for breakfast that my mum cooked me. She make really good pancakes and bacon! She is like a chef or something! I finished my food and head out the door after telling my mum goodbye. I walked to school and a mob of jocks surrounded me. "What's up, four eyes" one guy said and threw my glasses on the floor and stomp on them. Crap, I can't see with out my glasses. They start shoving me around and pushed me towards the lockers. They kicked me in the legs where I think that's my knees. I heard a crack and pain shoots up my body and groaned. The jocks started laughing and teasing me. "Aw, is the cry baby going to go running towards his mommy?!" The leader jock, I think, jokes. I didn't say anything because of the pain in my knees. "STOP!" a voice hollers through the halls. I see a blurry figure running over to me. I couldn't see, remember? The figure came closer and closer until I can finally see the face. It was Jenny. "Hey stop bullying him, Edward!" She yelled. Wow, never seen that side of her! "Why should I? He's such a dork!" He complained, I'm guessing that's Edward. "Because I could get you expelled and arrested by my uncle!" She threat. "So? I get expelled at many schools" He rolled his eyes. "Stop now!" She screamed and swung her back pack to his face. It was time for class and so no one was in the hall ways but us. He falls on the floor and said, "Ow, what do you have in that thing?". "None of your business" She said. "Now leave and stop bullying him!" Jenny said again. "What ever, your no fun Jenny" Edward said and walked off with his friends.


Jenny's P.O.V

  After Edward and his gang turned the corners of the halls, I kneed down to Niall, who was sitting on the floor, holding his knee. "What's wrong?" I asked. " I think they broke it... and they also broke my glasses too" He said quietly. "Here, let me take you to the nurse" I said standing up and offering my hand. Niall gladly toke it and I help him walk to the nurse. Well, he isn't walking, he is actually limping though but at least the nurse's office isn't that far from here.

  Once we got to the nurse's office, I opened the door and made Niall sit on one of the beds in there. I walked up to the nurse at the desk and told her, "Excuse me, Nurse Shirley, my friend over there broke his leg, is there anyway for you to fix it?". "Um, I don't know, how bad is it?" She asked getting up from her desk and walked over to Niall. He lift up his pants where you could see his knee. "Does it hurt?" Nurse Shirley asked Niall. "Very much" Niall nods. "How did you break it?". "Um.... I fell down" Niall lied. "Was it a long fall?". Niall shook his head yes. "Well, you might have to go to the hospital then" She shrugs. "Ok then" Niall said and stood up. I walked beside him as we exit the room. "Well she was no help" Niall sighed. "And know I have to go to the hospital but I have no one to drive me there. If I asked my mum, she would get very upset" He continued. "I could drive you" I answered. "Really? You have a car?" He asked. "Yeah, I got one for my birthday 2 months ago and I got my drivers' license!" I smiled. "Cool, now lets go" Niall said and limp as fast as possible. As me and Niall got to my car, he gasp in excitement. "This is your car?" He said as if he was going to faint. "Yep, now get in!" I chuckled, not caring if I miss the rest of the school day. I mean, come on, this is important! Right? Helping someone that broke their knee and has to go to the hospital, is very important!

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