Hurt (Harry Fanfic)

Vivian has had it out for Harry since day 1, but after being lab partners things changed. Feelings changed. How could you fall for someone you hated your whole life?


1. Prologue

Vivian's POV

Uggh I hate you Harry I thought as I took red paint off of my hair. I took red chunks off it off letting it fall all off to the sink. I scrubbed my hair hard. Stupid Harry and his stupid prank! I Hate you Harry Styles! I Hate him! Why does he always pick on me. All his dumb pranks go to me. Why is he so nice to everyone,but me? See why I hate him? He hurt me since I first met him. I can't believe I actually thought he was nice at first. I won't forget the first day I met him in Middle School and he said all this crap about me! Whatever I thought as I finished taking out the paint off of my hair. I headed out the girls bathroom and went back to class as soon as I entered laughter was heard from the whole room. I felt my cheeks flushed embarrassed making them laugh even more. This was all thanks to Harry. I ran out the classroom and let myself fall down in the hallway corner. I curled into a ball and cried my eyes out. This was so embarrassing. Thanks to Harry and his stupid prank I'm the laughing stock of the whole school! I Hate You Harry Styles! I Hate You!

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