Liams Little Sister

Blake is Liam Payne's little sister she is 16 and has an abusive boyfriend named Jack and when she is about to go away for a while, Jack shows up at her door step. She leaves trying to forget what he did to her but when Niall sees the pain in her eyes he has to know. Will she tell him or not and what will happen to her and the boys.
(And yes the Boys are known as the famous One Direction in this story)


1. Hey im Blake

Blake's Pov:

              Hey im Blake Liam Payne's little sister and yes Liam Payne of One Direction. Im 16, blonde, skinny, tan and I guess you could say im in between tall and short so mid height lol. I haven't seen Liam in 3 years. I miss him so much but its nice being the only kid in the house. Im kind of spoiled and I hated that because everybody looks at me different. Our dad is some high up business man and our moms a lawyer for celebrity's so im home alone most of the time. I have a boyfriend named Jack that is abusive and said that if I tell anybody what he does to me he would kill me and my family including my best friend. I only have one best friend and her names Cait. I can always count on her to cheer me up but she does not know what Jack does to me. The thing is that im going on tour with Liam and the boys for the whole summer and next school year so its going to be pretty hard without her. I just don't want Jack finding out and hurting me or Cait.

The next day:

             Today is the last day of school so I decide to wear a dress that is cream colored with a big bow on the back with black flats. I go down and do the usual stuff eat, watch TV, and play on my phone, then its time to go I get in my Hummer and drive away to that hellhole they call school. Todays the day I tell Cait that I am moving in with Liam for a while. It felt like school lasted forever, I saw Jack giving me a death glare I wonder if he knew already but how? Than the last bell rang and I ran to my car hoping Cait was there and she was so we just took off without saying goodbye to anybody. I know im going to get hit for that one later but then I remembered im leaving tonight so he cant hurt me. All the worries I had all went away for now but one, Leaving behind my best friend for Jack to do something to her. Cait and I went to the mall and I told her she could get anything she wanted and I would pay for it. She was so confused, I could tell she say the pain in my eyes. After a half and hour she picked out 3 Vera Bradley's and man were they a lot of money but I didn't care it was my gift to her cause I was leaving her for a long time. "okay mam your total comes out to $547"  the cashier said to me. I swiped my credit card and the lady gave me a glare like she knew I was spoiled and then we walked out both rolling our eves at her. After all of that shit I told Cait I had to tell her something she saw the tears swell in my eyes and she knew something like what's wrong or Blake Ann Payne tell me what's wrong now! I told her everything except the part about Jack because she would flip and try to handle it herself while I was gone and I would never forgive myself if something happened to her and it was all my fault. We were crying so hard until I saw Jack standing there with his "crew" I tried to stop the tears but it was no use he came over to us and made me sit on his lap and I wanted to throw up right then and there. He asked what was going on and Cait told him I was going on vacation thank god she didn't say for a long long time or I would get in big trouble then. He asked me where I was suppose to be going I told Him "on tour with my brother and his friends" he looked at me and I saw the darkness in his eyes and I felt like a little kid that was about to get a beating. "What the hell is he going to do to me" I thought to myself.

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