The Savior

When 14 year old Summer Anderson gets kicked out of her childhood home by her abusive father, the only thing Summer sees in her mere future is the bright headlights of a black van.


2. Chapter One

Today I woke up with a big grin on my face, knowing that it was finally my birthday. My grin disappeared as soon as I heard the faint scream of my dad, yelling at me to "get my ass downstairs and do the dishes". I reply a faint "okay" and started trudging down the old, rusty stairs to get on my chores. My morning usually consists of getting up at 4:00 a.m. sharp every day to get my chores done and get ready for my long day of school. To be honest, school sucks. I have no friends whatsoever and I get bullied by numerous boys and girls everyday. I usually keep my head down and keep going, but you can't stay strong for too long. Ya, that's right. I've cut before. What's the big deal?

My dad wasn't always a big druggie. My mom died from a horrible car crash when I was 8, so about 6 or so years ago. After her death, my dad started going out to bars and stayed there until midnight. I would stay awake and do my chores until he got home but when he did, he always brought a girl. He has a lot of one-night-stands and then they completely forget each other after that.

I also had two younger siblings, Marie and John, were the sweetest twins you would ever meet. They were in the car with my mom when it happened. It just so happened that they were on the way to pick ME up from MY friends house. I always blame myself for what happened and so does my dad. Ever since the accident, my dad abused me. Mind you I was only 8. It was usually just words until one day, it got physical.

*4 years ago*

It was my last day of school and since I was ten, I thought that I would be able to be independent and walk to my friends house. I didn't tell my dad, even though I never tell him anything. I barely make eye contact with him and when I do, it's completely terrifying. I spend a couple hours at her house an decided that since it was getting dark I better head back home. So I did. Once I got there, I opened the door, only to be face-to-face with my dad. Let me tell you this: he did NOT look happy. He brought me inside and started yelling profanities at me including "slut" and "whore" when I barely knew what that meant. I was only ten! Anyway, a tear managed to escape my eye and as fast as you could say "stop", my dad slapped me straight across the face and the rest of the tears escaped leading me to legit sobs. Little did I know that what had just happened was only the beginning of a slow, painful life.


I hope that you liked the first chapter! I'm sorry that it's crappy because I wrote it on my phone. If you have any suggestions or comments about the story, don't be afraid to ask/tell us! We would really appreciate it! ~marybeth :)

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