Maddison Winsome is your average Dauntless Chick: brave, fast, strong. But when the time comes to chose Factions, Maddison's new ordeal is created. With a spectrum of force, will Maddison survive, or will the world she knows crumble around her?




I believe we are all in this world for a reason. Through our developing journey, we all question what our purpose is. I see the world I little bit differently than everyone else, you see. I see through people like glass, even when they try to hide under the sheet and dust. Its like trust, you see, to only be build over time and then shattered when you need it most. Like love, a fine feather impossible to break even under the toughest circumstances. I have not yet discovered my place in this spinning sphere, and I accept that whatever I'm here for, it is slowly being printed and re-written, like bad ink on a typewriter. And when my time comes, I'll look back on this journey and think- what a hell of a ride. 


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