Maddison Winsome is your average Dauntless Chick: brave, fast, strong. But when the time comes to chose Factions, Maddison's new ordeal is created. With a spectrum of force, will Maddison survive, or will the world she knows crumble around her?


3. CH2 (Un)Like Usual

The breakfast hall is located in the dining hall, just three long hallways from my dorm. 

The dining hall is this large room with a grand ceiling that we are supposed to eat in. Until we're 18, we all have to live and eat in this dump. 

I walk into the dining hall to see a large plate of scrabbled eggs that everyone is picking over. Thats just wrong. And by wrong I mean completely out of this world gross. 

The Head of Dauntless, Kevin, is sitting in his chair drinking, like usual. 

"Kevin, this is a terrible breakfast. What were you thinking?" 

"Chill kid, enjoy some eggs," replied a drunk Kevin. 

I spun on my heel and walked over to the kitchen where our cook, Bertha, made these eggs. Bertha is a lone cook in a big kitchen, so It shouldn't be hard to sneak in and grab an egg, right?

I don't understand why the teenage dorm rooms have kitchens, if we aren't even allowed to cook anything. 

Ducking under the counter and starting a crawl, I darted for the fridge like a baby in a huggies commercial. I looked around to make are Bertha was on the other side before opening the fridge and grabbing my egg. Then I crawled out of the kitchen and walked back to my dorm. 




When I arrived, everyone else was in bed. If I wasn't under surveillance I would've conked each and every one of them over their head with my frying pan. 

After figuring out how to scramble my egg, I walked over to the window. It was strange how no one was out today. The weather was sunny but breezy, but not so terrible that the entire city could have to stay inside. 

I barley had time to dart to the bathroom before throwing up. 

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