I just wanna go home

A young girl of age 13 sets out to find her parents- who have been missing for years. When the only proof of her parents existence- a journal of her mothers past gets into her hands, it disappears with her along with it, and its up to her younger, mute sister to find her and the journal before its to late, and there whole existence is wiped out forever.


2. And I thought I was (somewhat) Normal

Nora walked silently through the house, a silent creak echoing through the old wooden flooring at each step. Her sister had went out into the cold frost to "get food" Which Nora had a hard time believing. Her parents had died 3 years ago from a major car accident of which a car pile up had happened because of the extreme amount of fog on the bridge. Lucky for them, they had a will, as if they had purposely died or something similar. 


The will wasn't a small one. It had almost everything in the house on it. Nora's sister, Emily, had gotten most of the money, mothers old clothes, all the "precious" items such as the paintings or a vase, and other junk need not mentioned. Nora got some of the money, her grandmothers old china doll, and what was left over in the "attic" or the small, dusty room where there parents stored there stuff. Her parents would always disappear up there, and coming back down full of dust with there legs aching from sitting around to long, and seemed to have lost there voice. 


The thing was, before her parents died- when they were leaving, they had this look in there eyes like they would never see us again- which they didn't. And they put the will on the counter too.


Anyway, Nora was creeping towards the door where he china doll was sitting. propped up onto a wooden chair. The dolls eyes sparkled a ocean blue, and its blond hair curled in locks down to its waist. It wore a fabric white and blue dress made out of withered silk, with small little black slippers and a button up sweater. Nora adored the doll, and handled it with care.


She reached out, her fingers against the silk fabric, and she lightly picked it up, grasping it in her arms. She advanced towards the attic, and took one hand off the doll, placing it against the stairs to the attic. Just as she reached the top, there was a hard knock on the door- most likely the neighbor who came to check on her when her sister was gone, but like always, she was frightened. So frightened, that she dropped the doll on the step, sending glass shards everywhere, with only part of it remaining. Tears filled her eyes, and she leaned down, shaking towards the remains, picking up the dress, shaking out the glass. She ignored the continuous knock on the door, and slipped into the attic, cradling the dress in her arms.


She sat down on a dusty cardboard box, and studied the dress, which she had never token much of a look at. She scanned over it with her eyes and then noticed something- a piece of paper. She took it out and began to read.


We've left this doll, for a reason my dear

It may be just as I fear

Your father and I have gone to find

Something in the back of my mind

Your sister is knowing

And she is growing

But we must ask this of you

They will be food

Some of it just for you

We hope of you to find this soon

Before your sister is gone

We left something for her

I think my mind was a blur

Go to the woods where to oak trees grow

And the deer run a fro

You will find

All divine

A parachute and Bow

Use the bow and strike the deer

With the black behind

Do not kill

Just weaken its mind

Leave the place

Do not pace

For you are in danger


Mary Ann Agewell


Nora was confused. Was this meant for her? She turned over the note in her hand to see if the poem continued, but it didn't. The back just had a small word written on the back- 1956.


1956. The year of her grandmothers death. Her grandmothers name was Mary Ann.


Did that mean it was for her mother? Or was it for her? Nora's head brimmed with curiositys.


Maybe... She thought. It was meant for mom but she never found it! 


 But then again, Nora was confused. A deer with a black behind? Where would you find that?


Nora stood up, leaving the note tucked in the dress and on the box, and exited the dusty old attic, her mouth moving, but soundless. Her neighbor had left, and she was moving her lips happiness that he wasn't there.


After all, she is mute.

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