What Path To Choose

My name is Annabel Grace Phills and I am 17. My life is boring, un-extraordinary, and cliché That is until I met Harry and Niall. Then my whole life was turned around, when jealousy takes over and destroys friendships. Most of it is a mystery with twists!!
Inspired by: Onedirection_q13
And her story High School Sucks


7. Payback

Annabelle's POV:

Thank god it was the weekend! I won't have to see Niall, I can hang out with Harry, maybe go for telling Veronica how terrible Niall is... But that's a long shot. I call Veronica the phone rings 3 times before I hear a go happy "Hey Annabelle!!" "Hey Veronica! I was wondering... Do you want to go to a bar with me tonight?" I ask with curiosity "OMG Annabelle, you want to go to a bar! Is someone holding a gun by your head telling you to say this?" She asks laughing. "Nope! So do you want to?" I ask I little more serious "Sure I'll pick you up at 4!!" She hangs up.


A few hours pass by and I look at the time 3:57. I turn off the tv, grab my mini purse and wait at the door for Veronica. About 6 minutes later I see her pull up in the driveway. Late as usual, I open the front door and run toward the car."I know the place your talking about. I've been there before so no need for directions." She says pulling out of the driveway onto the bumpy road."The bar is about 10 minutes away." She explains making a sharp left. "Why were you making out with Niall, you said you would calm and comfort him. Not make out with him!" I didn't even try to stop myself from asking that question. I regretted it after I said it. "Well... I went into the bathroom after we talked and went to the cafeteria to get something to eat. So I was drying my hands when he came up behind me and grabbed my stomach. I looked up to him and he leaned in to kiss me and turned me around so I was facing him. He kissed me, and I kissed him back he lightly pushed me against the wall. Then you walked in." She stops there. I look at her and say "Oh.... It's just that I don't want him to hurt you." She smiles at me."Thanks girl! And trust me I won't let him hurt me." She pulls into the driveway of a big building with people gathered around it. We get out of her car and walk towards the building. When I walk in I see a girl and guy making out in the window sill. I sit down at the bar table next to Veronica. There are two guys arm wrestling and three girls chugging shots. "Two beers please!" Veronica yells to the bar tender. He brings them and somewhat slams them on the table I open my bottle and so does Veronica. She chugs half of the bottle within 30 seconds. I take mini sips, the stuff takes terrible but I drink it anyway. Time passes and I get used to the taste, it's bottle after bottle and I begin to feel dizzy and weird. By this time Veronica is walking around unsteady looking like she is about to fall over with a beer in her hand. I am beginning to chip now when I hear a bang on the ground, I've been sitting in the same spot the whole time. I look over to see Veronica passed out on the floor. I panic and fly myself up only to fall on the floor with her and blackout.

Veronica's POV:

I wake up with a massive headache in bed. But then to my own shock, it's not my bed. I pull over the covers and see myself only in a laced bra and underwear. My clothes are scrambled all over the place. I panic and yell "Annabelle!" I scream louder and louder each time until I finally see the door creak open. It's Niall.

Niall's POV:

Before I walked in to see Veronica, I try to gather how to put that I had sex with Veronica. Or should I not tell her. Annabelle is not awake yet and I decided for Annabelle's punishment I can hurt her best friend because she'll beat herself up for it and I'll sit on the side laughing. But then Veronica won't talk to me. So then I figured I'll tell Annabelle then when she tells Veronica who I'll be dating by then Veronica will be mad at her for trying to break us apart. I take a deep breath and enter the room...

***Authors Note***

Hey guys! This chapter is inspired by the best writer on movellas Onedirection_q13 and her story high school sucks. Check it out!!👍

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