What Path To Choose

My name is Annabel Grace Phills and I am 17. My life is boring, un-extraordinary, and cliché That is until I met Harry and Niall. Then my whole life was turned around, when jealousy takes over and destroys friendships. Most of it is a mystery with twists!!
Inspired by: Onedirection_q13
And her story High School Sucks


19. Karma Hurts Like A Bitch

Annabelle's POV:

About 5 minutes later I see her car swerve in the driveway. She gets out of the car and runs to the door.

"Hey Annabelle..."

"Are you ok! What happened?!" I yell

"I-I was sitting at home watching The Vampire Diaries, when I felt queasy and about half way thru the episode I just randomly threw up!" She cries

"Um... Why is that so very bad?" I question with annoyance in my tone.

"Well, me being me, I went to Walmart and bought a HPU..."


"Annabelle! I'm pregnant, with Niall's baby!" She sobs and puts her head in her palms.

"Asshole! He is going to make you go through all this pain because of my mistake! I-it's not fair!" I scream sitting next to her.

"Wh-what should I do, I have no idea how to deal with babysitting let alone having a child of my own! My future is ruined!" She sobs, I feel terrible.

"Wait here Veronica."

"Wh-where are you going?!"

"Niall's house." I say with no emotion leaving the house. About 10 minutes later I slam the door open Niall stands up.

"Hey! What the hell Annabelle!"

"Do you have any idea what you did to Veronica!"

"No. That doesn't mean you can barge into my house nearly breaking the damn door!"

"Veronica! She's pregnant! With YOUR baby!" I scream

"What?! I used a-"

"That. Doesn't. Matter! This wouldn't have happened if you left her out of it!"

"Well, she's your problem now!" He grabs the black north face.

"Please Niall, you have to help her..."

"She doesn't need me!" He darts out of the house

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