What Path To Choose

My name is Annabel Grace Phills and I am 17. My life is boring, un-extraordinary, and cliché That is until I met Harry and Niall. Then my whole life was turned around, when jealousy takes over and destroys friendships. Most of it is a mystery with twists!!
Inspired by: Onedirection_q13
And her story High School Sucks


1. Homecoming

Annabelle's POV:

"Can you believe we are already Juniors in high school!" Veronica says way to peppy for the first day of school. We've been friends since the 3rd grade. She's always been the peppy goody tu-shoos of the school. I take a deep breath "So far, so good." I say looking at my dark purple vans. Our school was always different from others so we have homecoming after 4 weeks of school. It's only 3 days away! Veronica and I separate and as a turn around a boy runs into me. My books fly everywhere. I yell "Hey! What the h-". I look up and see his bright green eyes staring at me. I fell in love. "Um, I-I am sorry" he says running his fingers through is beautiful curly brown hair. "Hi, um what's your name?" He pauses "Harry, what about you." "I am Annabelle."

Harry's POV:

I wanted to ask her to homecoming. Should I? She was beautiful her blue eyes, long strait red hair. She was perfect.

Annabelle's POV:

Me and Harry met again in the parking lot. "Maybe you could come over today. You know, maybe get to know each other." Harry said opening his car door. "Sure, I'd love to." I say walking towards his car.

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