What Path To Choose

My name is Annabel Grace Phills and I am 17. My life is boring, un-extraordinary, and cliché That is until I met Harry and Niall. Then my whole life was turned around, when jealousy takes over and destroys friendships. Most of it is a mystery with twists!!
Inspired by: Onedirection_q13
And her story High School Sucks


5. Homecoming Night Part 2

Annabelle's POV:

Crap. Crap. Crap. I saw Harry give my a weird look and walk over. I was overwhelmed with panic, and apparently it was really obvious."Um... Annabelle, are you ok?" I stutter "Ye-yeah, I-I'm fi-" Harry interrupts. "Annabelle! What the hell are you doing with him!?" Harry yells, everyone was looking at us, it was terribly embarrassing. "Well, she's with me at homecoming, I asked her and she said yes." Niall interrupts. "No I'm going with her." Harry says lightly pushing Niall. "No! I'm with her." He yells shoving Harry. I, like usual interfere. "STOP" I somewhat scream causing Niall and Harry to look at me with why would you do this to us faces."I know I messed up but I couldn't break one of your hearts." They both seem to become not as pissed off. "So, who do you choose. Me or Niall." My stomach drops and does a backflip. "What?" I understand what he is saying but I couldn't comprehend it. "You heard him Annabelle! Who do you choose me or Harry?!" Niall harshly explains. "I-I choose... Ha-Harry." Niall looks down at feet slowly. And Harry takes a step towards me "Annabelle, I'm sorry I said that. But you can't say yes to two people." He laughs and so do I. Surprisingly Harry was really laid back about the whole thing. I peer over to find Niall and see him slowly walk away. Me being me, runs over. "Niall i am so sor-" he cuts me off. I see tears forming in his eyes. "You got me so exited and happy to go to homecoming with you. And you go with Harry! You said yes to two people! How could you hurt me. You know what Annabelle, I am done. Don't call me your friend. Don't text me. Don't even TALK to me!" He storms off before I even get to say anything. I feel a hand tighten on my wrist and drag me to the vending machine. It is Veronica. "You said yes to two guys! Why!" She says crossing her arms. "I couldn't turn down Harry, but at the same time I couldn't break Niall's heart." She sighs. "Ok listen up, I am going to talk to Niall and you go dance or do whatever with Harry." I nod, understanding everything she said. She was actually less crazy then I thought she would be. She runs toward Niall.

Veronica's POV:

I have never actually met Niall, I've seen him in the halls and stuff like that. So like I said I chase after Niall into the halls. The halls are jam packed I search around and finally see his blond hair. "Niall!" I shout he turns around and walks towards me. "I am sorry about Annabelle. Maybe we could get something to eat." He looked up and smiled "It would be the highlight of my night." He laughs and we walk together to the cafeteria. We eat and begin to head back to the gym for crowning.

Annabelle's POV:

I feel a slight tap on my shoulder, it's Harry. "I know your probably shaken, but maybe dancing would get your mind off of things." He lightly grabs my hand and smiles "Yes I would." We walk over to the dance floor and he pulls me in close. I rest my head on his shoulder. This is the only time since two days ago that I felt like everything was perfect. A few minutes pass by that feel like hours and the dance is over. Harry and I separate and the spotlight is on the two chairs in the front. "Ugh, homecoming king and queen." I sigh. The announcing person says in probably the most annoying voice. "And the homecoming king and queen is drumroll please..... Lukas Hartmann and Felicity McQueen!" They walk up onto stage and revive there crowns then everyone moves and forms a big circle so there is room for them to dance."Ugh, just another couple I don't know. You stay here, I'm going to go find Veronica." I say poking Harry's shoulder. "Ok but come back quickly." I walk into the hallway and text Veronica. After about 7 minutes of no response I figure I might as well go to the bathroom. There is no babbling of girls so the bathrooms probably empty. I walk in and look up, dropping my phone in shock. I found Veronica...

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