What Path To Choose

My name is Annabel Grace Phills and I am 17. My life is boring, un-extraordinary, and cliché That is until I met Harry and Niall. Then my whole life was turned around, when jealousy takes over and destroys friendships. Most of it is a mystery with twists!!
Inspired by: Onedirection_q13
And her story High School Sucks


20. A Shallow Voice

Annabelle's POV:

I feel tears stream out of my eyes. I can't believe he won't help Veronica. I walk out of his house, my head staring at shoes. I leave the house a head strait home. I sit at home ignoring the ding of my phone probably from Veronica. I shouldn't have left her there but I was upset. He won't help the girl he got pregnant. I feel a cold firm hand on my shoulder, I jerk around only to see no one there. I turn back around and watch tv. A few short minutes later I here a shallow voice say "Don't worry Annabelle, soon everything will be fine."

"Who the hell is here!" I yell jerking around only to see the same thing from before. I slowly turn back around to face the tv. The shallow voice churns in my head. But then it clicks that voice was like no other. It was Harry's....

*****Authors Note*****

Hey guys! I just couldn't help myself but to add in fiction stuff! But for those who like it, hint hint! I'm adding more things so prepare! Lol!

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