"Borrowed" by 1D?!?

I was now running as far as my legs could take me. I then ran into another guy with the same outfit on. Next thing I know is I'm blindfolded, tied up and shoved in a van.. Well I think it's a van.


5. the knock on my door

I was watching the movie closely when two questions just decided to pop up in my head.

Why did they kidnap me in the first place and why did Niall say welcome home? I'm so lost.. Like always


I guess I fell asleep while watching the movie because when I woke up I was on the same bed as I was when I first came here. I heard loud talking too. I heard Louis's voice and Niall's. I walked to the door and opened it halfway so the boys won't see me. I saw Louis and Liam auguring and Niall I guess he got tired of fighting so he went to the kitchen to get food. Zayn and Harry was just sitting in the living room. So mostly it was Louis and Liam fighting but about what?


I opened the door more to see if I could hear me but the door creaked and all the boys were staring at me. I went back into the room and I heard two pairs of footsteps coming to my door. I saw the door open it was Liam and Louis. Liam walked up to me and said, "hello Sam, I'm Liam." He extended his arm out so I could shake it and I did. "Look, I'm really sorry for Louis's behavior I'm pretty sure he didn't mean to kidnap you." Wait hold the phone Louis was the only that kidnapped me? But there was 5 guys. I asked, " wait wasn't there 5 guys?" Louis answered this time," yes, it was me and my friends we just wanted to have some fun. It was none of the other boys. And I'm truly sorry."


Liam and Louis left and I forgot to ask Liam when could I go back home. I went downstairs only to find Niall. I asked, "Niall, do you know where Liam went?" "Yeah, he went on a walk to clear his head." "Do you know when he's coming back?" "His walks are usually 30 mins it depends really." "Oh okay, I just want to know because I need to know when I'm going back home." "Nooooo! I don't want you to leave, love!" I felt myself blushing I couldn't let him see. So I ran to the room where I was before and I could see him right behind me. I kept running till I got to the room and closed the door well tried Niall is very strong. He out powered me and we fell on each other. His eyes were so beautiful and clear. He started to lean in but a knock was at my door.He got off of me and I went to open the door it was Liam. He had a sad and "I'm really sorry" face. I asked him what was wrong and he said "Sam, I can't let you go home."

Wait what!

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