"Borrowed" by 1D?!?

I was now running as far as my legs could take me. I then ran into another guy with the same outfit on. Next thing I know is I'm blindfolded, tied up and shoved in a van.. Well I think it's a van.


11. story time

We have breakfast and Louis tells me they have a meeting with Paul. I don't want to get in the way so I just tell them I'll stay here or go catch up with some friends. They agree and get dressed. When they're all ready they tell me goodbye and right when they leave I feel lonely.


I call ash and she said she was out of town. Next person I call is my mum, she answers like she has been waiting for me to call her. We talk and she tells me to come over so I get the car keys the boys left me and drive to my mums. Once I get there my mum pulls me into a huge hug that lasts about 3 minutes. We pull away and she kisses my forehead. "I've missed my little sam", said my mum. We walk to the kitchen and I pull out a seat from under the island while my mum makes tea. "I've missed you to mum. I just don't understand how you're so cool that I GOT KIDNAPPED!?" I said trying not to yell but I failed. She looks down at her hands as if there is the answer is there. "Sam.. Samantha there is something you should know. You're father and I didn't want you to know till you were old enough." I look at my mum with a confused face. "What is it?" "The reason why I'm cool with you getting kidnapped is because I set it up." I was shocked. How did she plan? Why did she plan it? I was gona get up and walk out when she stopped me. "There's a reason why I set it up... Liam is your brother." "What? No.. How?" "When you were younger your brother and father didn't get along. Your brother wanted to become a singer and your father didn't accept it. Liam wanted to get away, he wanted to leave. He went and auditioned for the x-factor and he made it and now he's in one of the biggest boy bands in the world." "Bu-t-t wh-hy d-did y-you se-t up the kidnapping?, I asked so confused. "Actually it was your brother and his friends idea, they thought it would be a fun way for yall to meet again." She said chucking. I didn't know how I felt about Liam being my brother, or why he thought kidnapping would be a fun experience for us to meet again. "I'm really glad you told me mum." I said truthfully. She smiled and said,"The tea is ready, Liam doesn't know that I told you so let's keep this between us, okay?" I laughed and said,"I wouldn't tell a soul."


I drove back to the house a couple of hours later. It felt good to talk to my mom, it felt good to finally get out. When I came inside the house the boys were no where in sight. "Boys?!" I yelled. Waiting for some response. No one responded but I heard yelling coming from another room. I followed the yelling and it lead me to the game room, the boys were playing some game and I guess they were on teams because every time one of the boys messed up the boys sitting next to them would yell,"Lad WHAT ARE YOU DOING, I WAS WIDE OPEN, YOU COULD HAVE PASSES IT!!" I couldn't help but hold in my laughter, these boys were dorks. I knocked on the doorway and they all turned their heads towards me. "Hey sam, what did you do today?", Asked Zayn. Should I tell them that I went to see my mum? No because Liam would know Thea mum told me or should I lie to them? Yep lie it is. "I-I um went to the m-mall", I said with a fake smile. I knew the boys knew I was lying they all have that "I know what you did" face. Liam was gona say something when Louis interrupted,"Let's go to club!" All the boys started laughing."I don't know, Lou.", Niall said. "What do you think Sammy?, asked Zayn. "I'm not old enough to go in the club" I said laughing. "Who cares love. You're with us, it wouldn't matter." I saw Liam give Harry the death stare but it went away just as fast as it came. "Um I guess, let's go to the club!" All the boys cheered except Liam. I went to my room to get dressed. I went to my closet and found the perfect dress. It was a tight black dress that showed show cleavage but not too much. I wore some black high heels with some diamonds on the heel. I went down stairs to see the boys already ready. They all whistled but not Liam. Thank god that would be weird.


We have arrived at the club. Harry was right they didn't ask for my ID or anything. Liam, Zayn, and Harry went to the bar while Louis, Niall and I went to go find a table. When we got there louis had already wondered off so it was just me and Niall. Liam wasn't gona drink so we would have a ride home. Niall was drinking but he limited himself to only 3 drinks. I was bored since I wasn't drinking so I went to the dance floor. I was dancing alone doing the Robot and the sprinkler. Yes they are still in style! Anyways, I was dancing alone till I felt someone pull me close to them I turned around to see a total stranger, I pushed him away but he wouldn't budge. He wouldn't let go of me, he pulled out of the crowd and towards the bathroom. I started screaming and screaming till someone came and knocked the guy out cold. I looked up to see who it was.. It was my sweet, kind and loving


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