"Borrowed" by 1D?!?

I was now running as far as my legs could take me. I then ran into another guy with the same outfit on. Next thing I know is I'm blindfolded, tied up and shoved in a van.. Well I think it's a van.


13. Nandos

I closed the door and I couldn't find niall. "Niall! Niall!" I yelled, "Where are you?" "You'll have to find me first!" Niall yelled from a distance. "Oh it's on like donkey kong!!"


I looked for Niall for about 20 minutes and I was already getting frustrated because I couldn't find him. I looked everywhere in the bedrooms, the restrooms, closets you name it. I was walking around the living room making sure I didn't miss a spot, I suddenly hear a laugh. I spin around not knowing where it came from. I walk towards where I thought I heard it and I hear it again. It's coming the the arcade room, the one place I didn't check. I walk on my tippy toes making sure not to make any sound, I'm finally in the door way and I look around the room to make sure I'm not spotted by Niall. I spot a blonde haired boy under the fuse ball table, I swiftly make my way over there. Luckily, Niall has his back towards me so he can't see me coming so I quietly run towards his and scream in his ear. "NIAAAAAALLLL I FFFFOOUUUNDDD YOOOOOU!!!" "OOOOWWWW SAM! My poor ears!" Niall covered his eyes and started to fake cry. Ah he's such a baby, an adorable baby. "Niall, I know you're not crying. Suck it up, be a man!" Niall looked at me all serious and then laughed. "You know what I wanna do right now Sam?" We both looked at each other and yelled "EAT NANDOS"


We arrive at Nandos, there's not a lot of people here. We order and sit down in a booth. They brought our food and Niall and I tore it up. "Hey Sam, slow down." I blushed. "Well I'm sorry I'm a very hungry girl, I like my food. "Yeah that's MY kind of girl" Niall said smirking. I felt myself blushing and butterflies in my stomach. "Wh-" I was interrupted by nialls phone ringing. While Niall was on the phone all he said was lots of "yeah" "mmhm" . When he got off the phone he said it was Liam and that he said they just got done recording and that they were heading home. "I guess we should start heading back now" Niall said a little sad.


We get home and are greeted by the other boys. Oh how I missed them. I gave them all hugs and went to my room to change into my sleep clothes. Knock knock. I open my door to see Niall. "Yes Niall?" "I wanted to know if you wanted to have a movie night?" He blushed and looked at the ground. "Um sure I would love to." Niall got a huge smile on his face, that mDe me smile. "Okay well I'll get the movies and the snacks, you can go ahead and wait in my room." I waited for Niall for about 5 minutes then he came back with so many kinds of snacks and movies. He had Paranormal Activity, Scream, Final Destination, anchorman, The interview, and pitch perfect 1 and 2. He put in scream and sat down on the bed with me. When scary parts would come up I would cuddle on next to Niall. He started laughing at me when I would practically jump on him. "Niall stop laughing at me! It's not funny!" That only made him laugh at me more. Gosh his laugh is so cute. I pretended to cry, I'm basically pulling "a Niall" since he fake cries so much. "Aweee don't cry little baby" "I'm not a litt-" I was interrupted by Niall's lips on mine. I'm always interrupted by these buttheads but this time I didn't mind. I felt fireworks I know I know cheesy but I felt it. I felt butterflies in my stomach.


"Hey Niall, do you hav-... WHAT THE HELL IS THIS?!"

Uh oh.

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