"Borrowed" by 1D?!?

I was now running as far as my legs could take me. I then ran into another guy with the same outfit on. Next thing I know is I'm blindfolded, tied up and shoved in a van.. Well I think it's a van.


7. dream

Before I fell asleep I felt Harry's arm snake around my waist, I actually enjoyed the warmth of his arm. I smiled then I went out like a light


I woke the next morning to sound of humming in my ear. Whoever was humming is going to pay don't they know you shouldn't wake up a girl. I turned my head to see who was humming it was Harry. "Good morning, love!" I rolled my eyes "Harry it's to early go back to bed." "Noooo get up!" Now he was jumping on the bed and shaking me."Sam please get up!" "Ugh no!" "Fine bye." Harry walks out of the room. Thank god now I can finally sleep. While I dazing off I feel the bed shake like crazy. I get up and see Harry is moving the bed back and fourth. "Harry what are you doing?" "Oh nothing gonna go eat breakfast and you?" He says while smirking. "Fine I'm up I'm up." "Yay! Let's go!" We walked downstairs and no one else was down here. I look at the time on the stove it read 4:50 am. "Um Harry you know it's 4:50 am, right? "Yep! I just couldn't sleep that's why I woke you up so we could get snacks and watch movies in my room." He said happily.


He got all the snacks he wanted and we went back upstairs. "So Sam what movie do you want to watch?" "MEAN GIRLS!" I shout-whispered. "I love mean girls, babe! haha Regina is so sassy." Harry put in mean girls and we watched and ate. It got awkward when that part where Regina is making out with that guy in her room. "So the weather is going to be great today." I said. "You're so weird, babe." He said with a laugh. I looked at Harry because I felt him looking at me. His eyes are so beautiful and green, he started to lean in and.... *alarm goes off* it was a dream, just a dream. Why would I dream of that, what is going on with me.


The alarm is still going off, I look for it and stop it. It reads 7:00 am , it's too early for me, but I can't go back to sleep. I go to the restroom I fumble through his cabinets looking for an extra toothbrush. I finally find one after like years. I brushed my teeth and washed my face. I want to take a shower because I feel so dirty so I turn on the shower and I get a towel. When it's warm I take off my clothes and hop it. I like to sing in the shower because like who doesn't. I'm singing 'Wrecking ball' because Miley is perfect. I'm singing and then I hear the door open, I peek behind the curtain I see a sleepy Harry walk in about to use to bathroom. "Uh Harry I'm in here!" I yell. The sleep Harry is now fully awake. "I'm sorry sa- oh do you need my help in there?" He said smirking. "No Harry now get out." "I have to pee when I'm done I'll leave don't worry." He leaves and I get out I dry myself off and ask Harry for some clothes. I change and brush my hair. The boys are waiting for me so we can go to the mall. When I step out the door I hear Louis yell, "Get in loser, we're going shopping." I laugh and pray that I can make it through the day with these crazy boys.

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