Next To You

The one where Louis works in a coffee shop and meets Harry


3. Promises

Harry sat, drinking his discounted coffee, while Louis swung his legs from up on the counter as usual.

Once he had finished his latte, Harry walked up to where Louis was perched.

‘I don’t want the next time I see you to be another act of fate.’ He said as his slid the empty glass along the counter to where the sink was.

He felt strangely at home in the coffee shop.

Louis looked up at Harry, completely bewildered.

‘D’you want to watch a movie at my place tomorrow?’

Without a second thought, Louis blurted out a ‘Sure.’ And Harry nodded.

They exchanged phone numbers. (Louis felt overly happy about this)

‘Alright then, it’s a date.’ Harry said, with that stupid grin plastered on his face, as he passed back Louis’ phone.

Louis knew he must’ve gone at least a little pink.

A date?


It’s a date.



3 hours before he was due to be picked up by Harry – he had texted him the address earlier when Harry had insisted he would pick him up – and Louis’ mind was racing with thoughts of ‘maybe I should shower’ and ‘am I sure I want to wear this?’.

It was tiring.

It was only when he saw Harry’s car pull up (he’d mentioned his ‘shit’ car before) outside the block of flats that Louis realized why he was so nervous.

It’s a date.

And so, he took a deep breath, put on his jacket and shoes, stood up straight, and pressed the button when the bell went.

‘Hello?’ Louis said, sounding unsure, despite the fact he knew exactly who it was.

‘Oh hey Lou, it’s Harry!’ He heard that familiar chime of Harry’s smooth voice ring through his ears.


He liked that nickname.

‘Hi Harry, I’ll buzz you up.’ He pressed the button next to the one he had been holding down.

Louis opened his door, slid his phone into his jacket’s pocket and locked the flat behind him.

Zayn was going to be out all night, he had no idea why but he presumed he’d be with Liam. He always is.

The steady beat of footsteps coming up the stairs warned him of Harry’s arrival before he was greeted with a rather ecstatic Harry.

‘Ready to go?’ He asked, grinning... A lot.

‘Yep,’ Louis replied, ‘You seem happy.’ He added with a tiny smirk.

‘I am.’


It was a short drive to Harry’s place.

During the journey he explained about his roommate, Niall, but assured him that he wouldn’t actually be there all the time. He’d apparently planned to go out partying and would probably only come back very late, well, as soon as he’d had sex with at least two girls. It felt a little strange to Louis to be honest. He’d spent so much time around Zayn, Liam and Harry that he had practically forgotten that heterosexual people actually existed. It was a bit funny really.

When the slightly rusting car grinded to a halt in front of, you guessed it, a block of flats Harry turned off the car and got out, before opening Louis’ door for him.

This was beginning to feel more like a date every second.

They walked up the narrow stairwell, Harry leading the way; there wasn’t enough room for them to walk side by side.

Harry took a key out of his pocket, which had an assortment of cute little key rings.

He unlocked the door before pushing it open and gesturing for Louis to go in as he held the door open for him.

They walked in, Harry behind him, and he felt himself smile.

The furniture was all mismatched and falling apart and there was the occasional merchandise for a football club. The latter probably belonged to Harry’s roommate, he never saw the guy as the football type. Well at least he knew he might get on with the roommate, just talk football to him.

‘Uh, do you want anything to drink?’ Harry grinned as Louis made himself at home on the faded loveseat.

‘I’d love a cup of tea,’ and when he looked confused he added, ‘I may work in a coffee shop but I’m a tea man at heart.’

‘You manage to surprise me everytime.’ Replied Harry, before walking off into the kitchen to make Louis some tea.

I could say the exact same for you Harry. Louis thought with a smile, as he scanned through the DVDs on the shelf next to the TV.

Rom coms, rom coms, rom coms, action, rom coms and a bloody David Attenborough documentary.

Jesus  Christ, for someone so interesting he really did have a crappy taste in movies.

‘See anything you like?’

Louis jumped a little at Harry’s voice. There is no way he had finished making the tea yet.

‘If I’m honest, not really, no.’ He smirked a little as he said it.

‘You clearly have no appreciation for a good romantic comedy then,’ Harry paused, ‘seriously you’re missing out.’

‘Oh definitely.’ Louis said, his voice completely drenched in sarcasm.

Harry just raised his eyebrows.

‘Just choose something.’ He said before returning to the kitchen.

So of course, Louis chose the David Attenborough documentary.


‘I cannot believe, that out of every single DVD, you chose this.’

‘It was definitely the most interesting.’ Louis smirked as Sir Attenborough talked about some extremely interesting birds.

‘And that’s where you went wrong.’ He ignored the playful glare from him.

‘More interesting than anything else!’ Louis sipped his tea.

‘Yeah yeah, of course.’


About half an hour into the documentary, Harry dozed off, ending up leaning against Louis who just wrapped an arm around him.

And soon, he also fell asleep.


Louis woke up with a thunk as something hit his head.

Tired and confused, he looked up to see rubbing his forehead. He’d probably been hit by whatever it was too.

He looked towards the door to what he presumed was a bedroom and saw a blond haired guy holding an array of shoes. Looking down, Louis could see two odd shoes lying on the floor near them.

So that’s what got thrown at him.

‘Is there any reason for you assaulting us with shoes, Niall?’ Harry just looked at him, both perplexed and deeply amused.

‘Is there any reason for you sleeping on the couch?’ He chuckled. He had a noticeable, but not ridiculously thick Irish accent and a laugh that seemed quite infectious.

‘We were bored to sleep by David Attenborough.’ Louis chipped in and Harry looked more amused, if it’s possible without bursting into fits of laughter.

To illustrate his point he gestured to the empty DVD case lying on the in-need-of-a-good-polish coffee table.

‘Not surprised if I’m honest.’ Niall laughed again. He seemed the type of guy to laugh at most things. While potentially annoying, those sorts of people were always good for brightening your day.

‘There was plenty of choice; you just chose the most boring.’ Harry argued but Niall shook his head.

‘Nah, I chose the most interesting.’

Harry pushed himself up and off the couch.

‘Well I’m going to have breakfast, you movie critics want anything?’ He said, moving towards the kitchen and leaning up against the arch.

‘Are you offering?’ Louis smiled, getting himself comfortable, which he would’ve been if Harry hadn’t moved.

‘Of course.’ He shook his head a little as if it was silly to even ask.

‘Then yes, I would like something.’

And Harry disappeared into the kitchen

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