Next To You

The one where Louis works in a coffee shop and meets Harry


1. Meeting

On a tedious afternoon on a Sunday in autumn, Louis Tomlinson sat on the counter in the coffee shop, swinging his legs and occasionally knocking a sachet of sugar off the pile.

He heard the bell on the door jingle and hopped off the counter, remembering Zayn nagging him. (‘Stop sitting up there! You’ll scare the customers away!’)

Zayn was lucky to not have to work this shift, it may seem great to have the least busy time but it’s so boring, Louis thought to himself bitterly. He probably would’ve come anyway, to keep Louis company, but Liam was taking him out for lunch and a movie, and he couldn’t really pass, Liam had chosen the film he wanted to see most.

Louis glanced over, to see who had just arrived, and was greeted by a curly haired lad, drenched in sweat and wearing workout clothes. He chuckled a little to himself; this guy looked so out of place in the little coffee shop. But even in such an unattractive situation, he still looked quite cute.

He pushed away his laughs and put on a smile. The guy walked up to the counter and smiled at Louis a little.

‘I’ll just have a vanilla latte, thanks.’ He said in a voice deeper than his appearance might suggest.

Louis nodded.

‘To go or are you having it here?’ He smiled a little more than he would to the average customer.

‘I guess I’ll have it in here.’ Louis pretended to ignore when his heart beat a little faster when the guy smiled back at him.

‘That’ll be £3.50.’

The guy paid and Louis started making his vanilla latte as he sat down at a table quite near the counter.

Louis walked up to his table and gave him his coffee, and, with a quiet ‘hope you enjoy’, he walked back over to the counter and sat on it.

He could feel eyes on his back but he ignored it and just kept swinging his legs and poured the sugar from a packet into his mouth.

Okay, stupid idea. He thought, spitting it out into the sink. Yeah, that was too sweet. Bleurgh.

Louis could hear a quiet chuckling and looked over his shoulder, to see the guy at the table laughing at him.

He raised an eyebrow at him and he stopped laughing, but was clearly trying not to.

‘Something funny?’ He asked, stifling his own chuckles.

‘A bit.’ The guy smirked a little.

Louis made himself just a plain old coffee and walked over to the table and sat down opposite him, leaning back in the chair.

‘Your latte okay?’ He sipped his own coffee, relishing in the warmth of it.

‘Yeah, it’s great.’ He said, following Louis’ lead and drinking some before hesitantly speaking, ‘So what’s your name?’

‘Louis,’ He said, ignoring the rush of heat to his face,’ Though you’d already know that if you looked at your receipt.’

He watched the guy get his receipt out of the pocket he stuffed it into, and Louis noticed that now he was less sweaty, he was really quite attractive.

When he had got his receipt out he nodded and smiled a little.

‘Oh yeah.’ He said, reading the line near the bottom, saying ‘’today you were served by: Louis’’

‘So, are you going to tell me your name or are you going to keep me guessing?’ Louis raised an eyebrow and the guy chuckled.

‘It’s Harry.’ He said, with a cheeky smile.

‘Yeah, you do look like a Harry.’ Louis returned the smile and Harry drank some of his coffee. ‘So what brought you to, and it probably is, the emptiest place on this street?’

‘That was why I came in here, less people to stare at me wondering, “what the fuck does he look like?”’ Louis laughed and Harry kept grinning.

‘Well I was thinking it but if I had said it, I’d have been shouted at for being rude to customers.’ He paused, and when Harry raised an eyebrow he added, ‘It’s happened before!’

Harry burst out laughing.

‘What did you say to them?’

‘To stop singing Justin Bieber so loud while waiting for her coffee.’ They both laughed, ‘Zayn had a right fit.’

Harry looked down at his, now empty, coffee cup.

‘I should probably go back to the gym, I promised my friend that I’d only be half an hour.’ He looked at his sports watch. ‘And it’s been 45 minutes.’

‘Oh okay.’ Louis said, pushing away the feeling of disappointment.

‘Anyway, nice meeting you Louis.’ Harry said, standing up. ‘See you around.’

And with a smile, he left Louis, alone in the empty coffee shop.



A week passed before Louis saw Harry again. He found himself offering to take some of Zayn’s shifts (so that he wouldn’t miss Harry if he happened to come when he wasn’t there) and if Zayn said no, he’d hang around the coffee shop anyway.

Zayn teased him a little for this sudden obsession, clearly not aware how hypocritical he was being. Zayn had met Liam there, and he’d been just as obsessed, maybe even more so, by him.

Harry walked into the coffee shop, on a similar Sunday afternoon, except this time Zayn was with Louis, (He’d given up and sat on the counter with Louis, his legs – unlike Louis’ – touching the floor.) and Harry was wearing casual clothing.

When the bell on the door rung, Zayn looked over to the door.

He recognized Harry from Louis’ description and yes, he really was as attractive as Louis had said.

‘Well would you look who it is...’ He muttered to Louis, who whipped his head round and got off the counter when he noticed Harry.

Zayn pushed him back.

‘Don’t worry I’ll take this order.’ He said with a smile, completely aware of Louis’ annoyance.

He jumped off the counter himself as Harry approached.

Louis leant back against the counter and for a split second, thought he saw Harry smiling at him.

‘Can I take your order?’ asked Zayn.

Harry ordered, as Louis had expected, a vanilla latte.

Zayn started to make the latte and as he looked at Louis he was greeted by a glare, to which he replied with a smile.

Louis turned to look at Harry, who was sitting at the table he’d been sat at the week before and smiling at Louis, who shot him a smile back.

When the coffee was done, Zayn handed it to Louis who walked over to the table.

‘Here you go.’ He placed the latte on the table, in front of Harry and began to walk away.

‘Sit with me.’ He heard from behind him.

Louis turned around and pulled out the chair opposite to Harry and sat down.

‘It’s still as empty as it was last week...’ Louis said, as the green eyed guy opposite drank his latte.


Louis looked over to the counter and saw Zayn had gone.

‘I thought about you a lot y’know?’ He heard from behind him and turned his head.


‘Yeah, I wanted to come back earlier in the week, but work was busy.’ Harry smiled.

‘What’s your job?’ Louis asked, intrigued by this person that he had only met a week ago.

'I have two, one of them is writing songs.’ He said, before sipping his drink.

‘Well that sounds a lot more fun than working in a coffee shop.’ Louis chuckled, an uncontrollable smile on his face.

‘They’re probably equally as bad.’ Harry grinned.

‘Oh I don’t know, it’s pretty bad meeting a really hot guy and not being able to ask if they want to go have coffee somewhere because you’re in a coffee shop.’ He said, not completely intentionally.

‘That is pretty bad.’ 

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