Next To You

The one where Louis works in a coffee shop and meets Harry


2. Fate

The next week or so passed much faster than the one before. Seeing Harry again had filled Louis with an infectious happiness, he was smiling a lot more than normal.

Louis had no idea when he would next see Harry, but he didn’t care.

After towards the end of the second encounter, just before Harry left, he said Louis ‘should see him pretty soon’ and, to be completely honest, Louis couldn’t wait.

 It was one of the few days where Louis had nothing to do.

No shifts.

No plans.


So what was he supposed to do for all these hours?

He’d considered going down to the coffee shop and hanging around with Zayn, but decided against it.

He needed a break.

Maybe I should do something fun for once, he thought and began to rack his brains for ideas.



Well fuck.


And so Louis found himself, an hour later, sitting in a coffee shop (not the one he worked at), opposite that cute bakery he had never been bothered to go in.

Honestly, why go to a bakery when you can go to Tesco?

Then again, the nearest Tesco was about a mile away, and Louis was hungry. The food in this coffee shop looked as crap as the coffee.

Might as well see if the bakery was any good.

He left his half-finished coffee on the grotty table and walked out of the shop and across the street.

The smell of warm, freshly baked bread filled his senses and he could feel his stomach grumble. He was hungrier than he thought.

He stepped inside the bakery and felt the warmth hit him. Outside the wind was blowing angrily and he welcomed the mellow air of the bakery.

Louis heard a voice from behind.

‘Hi, how can I help y- oh hey Louis!’ He snapped his head round and saw Harry wearing a beaming  smile from behind the display counter thing – he never knew what they were actually called – and he felt his heart fill with warmth.

Wait wasn't he a songwriter?

Now that he thought of it, he had said he had two jobs.

Of course Harry would work here. It’s just so... Just so Harry.

‘Wow, hi.’ Louis grinned; in the way that only Harry could make him.

‘So, um, anything you like the look of?’ He gestured to the display and Louis looked at it all.

He had no idea what he wanted.

Did he want something sweet? Did he want something savoury?

No idea.

Then he saw the most delicious looking cinnamon bun he’d ever seen.

Yes, he was getting that.

‘A cinnamon bun, I guess.’ Louis checked what the price was and got his money out to pay.

‘That’ll be £1 please.’ Harry chimed.

Wait what?

The label clearly said £2.

When he voiced these thoughts Harry just kept grinning.

‘Yeah but I only want you to pay £1.’ God he’s so cute.

‘Well remind me to take half off the next time you come round the coffee shop.’ He handed over a pound coin.

‘I’ll make sure I keep you to it.’ Harry said, in such a tone of voice Louis was surprised he hadn’t added a little wink at the end.

Just as Louis was about to take the bun and leave he thought of something which, of course, he immediately blurted out.

‘Isn’t it funny how we keep meeting?’

Harry thought about it for a second before chuckling.

‘I guess it’s just fate.’ He said, as Louis left the bakery, cinnamon bun in hand.


Louis decided to go to the coffee shop that afternoon, and accompany Zayn. It was a Monday afternoon; you’d be surprised how many people come into the coffee shop after a tiring Monday. Zayn might need a helping hand.

After walking back into the harsh winds and heading to the coffee shop he walked in, and sure, it was busy.

Louis caught sight of Zayn, and with a little waving, who had just spotted him.

‘It’s pretty busy, I’m having trouble, mind helping?’ He said, slightly out of breath.

‘I thought you’d never ask.’

About an hour later, they finally got peace and quiet.

Louis and Zayn were an unbreakable team and they powered through the orders.

And now the coffee shop was calm. Everyone sitting down drinking coffees, or they had left with theirs.

Anyway, Louis thought as he swung his legs while sitting on the counter, it was definitely worth coming.

With the constant stream of customers, he realized this was the first time he had a chance to think since he talked to Harry.

‘I guess it’s just fate,’ what did that mean?


Nah, Louis didn’t believe in fate.

Maybe it was just a coincidence.

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