Summer love❤️

This summer love is about a girl named Mireya who has to move to California for the summer and might find her Prince Charming.


2. The Day after

The next day Abby, Zayn,Harry,Louis,Niall,and I are at Nandos me and Niall are sharing the food the boys get jealous because he never shares food with them. Louis whispers to the boys and Abby "she must be the one" he smiles at me and says you are. He asked me " Mireya will you be my princess" I said "of course Niall" we finally have our first kiss together. The boys and Abby all say "awwwwwww". My friends Anna,Annie,and Rachel surprise me while we are at Nandos. We all leave Nandos. And when we get back to the boys place Louis text me

M=Mireya L=Louis

L: your friend Anna is beautiful my love

M: can you keep a secret?

L: what is it?

M: Anna is in love with you also

L:Nuh-uh your lying.

M: no I'm not you should really ask her out to dinner tommrrow night.

L: okay.

"Anna" Louis says "yes Louis" will you go out to dinner with me tommrrow night?" "Why wouldn't I" we all are cozy on one huge bed me and Niall are cuddling Zayn and Abby are cuddling Louis and Anna are cuddling Rachel and Harry are cuddling Annie and Liam are cuddling. We are watching Nialls favorite movie grease while munching on snacks. Niall whispers to me "I think we all are a thing look around" me and Niall giggle. Louis gets up and starts dancing we all laugh. The other four boys get up and start dancing while Louis is corigraphig it Harry says 2,3,4 then Louis says bow bow bow bow bow hip threw us oh here we go give it some yea arms down arms down again bring it low low low low bring it back up for the head at the end Liam does 1,2,3 flip and they all flip there hair. We all start laughing. Tonight we are staying with boys.

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