Summer love❤️

This summer love is about a girl named Mireya who has to move to California for the summer and might find her Prince Charming.


4. Mireya's birthday

Today is Mireya's birthday! And Niall and the boys wanted to do something special for her so first they took her to a carnival. Mireya and Niall were on a Ferris wheel and and they were at the very top an that is when they kissed once again. Niall won me a huge teddy bear bigger then me. Harry and Rachel got a drawing of Harry kissing Rachel on the cheeck. Anna and Louis got there picture while on the roller coaster. Mireya and Niall got tons of pictures to tho. After they got back from the carnival Niall and Mireya had dinner together while Louis and Zayn played there guitar and Niall sang you and I to me. Liam and Harry were the waiters and Grant who knows what he did. There was rose pedals on the ground it is so beautiful I say to Niall he says you like it I love it I say. We are eating and we talk more about our future and realize we both want the same future. We both fall asleep late that night on a blanket Louis put another cover over us. I wake up to my head on Niall chest and him cuddling me. He says Mireya your awake I didn't want to get up cause I didn't want to wake you. That's alright I say. We both smell food so we go in the kitchen and Harry and Rachel are making pancakes, and bacon. Niall said smells good and he grabs a pancake off the plate. We both sit down and Harry bring us food. Niall says yummmmmm fooooooood and begins to eat.

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