Summer love❤️

This summer love is about a girl named Mireya who has to move to California for the summer and might find her Prince Charming.


3. concert night

Today, "is our concert" says Louis "do you guys wanna come" Zayn said "yesssssssssss" I say

So Harry called his manager

Convo Harry: H, Paul:p

H: hey Paul how's it going

P: pretty good you

H:great actually

P:what can I do for you Harry

H:do you have 5 extra ticket I can give away?

P: yes I will be right over to drop them


We road to the concert with the boys and there friend Grant. Annie and Liam were not really a thing, so Annie could not keep her eyes off of Grant. Did I mention that out friend Kelly was with us and was in love with Liam Payne! He also could not keep his eyes off of Kelly! They both talked to me about each other. First I told Kelly that Liam liked her, her heart dropped. Later that night after the concert Liam asked her and they were to go on date the next night , Anna, and Louis were going on a date so it would just be Harry, Rachel, Annie, Grant and Niall and Mireya. But Mireya and Niall decided that they wanna go in a date also so they had to get the other two couples to go out but they all didn't want to go to the same place. Mireya wore a pink dress with black heels and a iPhone case that had a pink and black floral print with a pink and white dress. They went out to dinner and they had the times of there life's. They were sitting down eating and when Mireya is looking down Niall comes under her and kisses her again. They leave the reastraunt and they go to the park and look at the stars, they are talking about there future again. They both want two kids

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