Summer love❤️

This summer love is about a girl named Mireya who has to move to California for the summer and might find her Prince Charming.


5. Baby Sitting Theo

Today Niall and I are baby sitting Theo Niall is really excited. I'm really looking forward to it this a my first time meeting then so yea.. Greg and his wife come to drop off Theo.

few hours later..... I am in the kitchen making a bottle for Theo and Niall and Theo are in the living room. I go into the living room and Niall has my phone and him and Theo are taking pictures on my phone. I come into the loving room and Niall looks at me and says "Mireya when can we start having our own kids" I say well first we have to get married" he said "fine!". We took Theo to the zoo that afternoon and it was his first time and he loved all the animals.

Sorry this chapter was really short!.

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