"Just tired."
She muttered.

But you could tell
It was not just a lack
Of sleep,

But a lack of hope,
That made her
Act the way she did.



"Were here." I whisper opening the door. Harry carried Jaxson in sense he fell asleep in the car. "Could you carry him up to his room? It's the third on the left." Harry nods running him upstairs. I'm not really sure why Harry is being so nice to me. Last time i cheeked he hated me. Could it be he feels sorry for me? No. He's Harry. He doesn't have feelings. But why?

Harry comes galloping down the stairs. "I just set him in his bed. He mumbled something about you saying goodnight to him. But i didn't quiet hear it." I nod my head finding my way to Jaxson's room. I push his door open and walk over to the side of the bed rubbing his back. "Hey Jax. Did you want to see me?" I start playing with his hair but he doesn't move a muscle. I look back at Harry wide eyed. Is he ok?! Just as I'm about to shake him awake i see him take in a deep breath. He's just sleeping. Whew.

"Come on." Harry says waving me towards the door. I give Jax a quick kiss on the head before slowly closing the door. When i look up Harry is staring at me. "What?" I ask confused. "Nothing." He turns around heading for the stairs. "Wait." I call as he's almost to the railing. He turns around locking those gorgeous hazel eyes with mine. "I uh. I was just. Just wandering if maybeeeee. Maybe you wanted to borrow one of my dads old shirts. Yours is covered in blood and all. I don't want you to freak out your mom or anything." I stumble over my words imbarresed. Why did i even say anything? He just nods his head following me to my parents room.

I pull out my dads favorite black shirt. I'm not really sure why it was his favorite. There was nothing special about it. Its literally just black. There's not even a tag. Harry takes it setting it on the bed as he slips of his blood stained shirt. I feel my eyes glued to his abdomen, watching as his muscles contract and tighten under his skin. I feel like I'm in a day dream as he comes closer but I'm not. This is real life. I want to pinch myself but i cant will my body to move. He gets closer and closer tell finally he's right in front of me. His thumb runs across my stitches lightly touching every thread. I wander if he can feel the chills running all over my body. Because I'm very aware of them.

His thumb travels from the slash on my forehead traveling down my cheek and over my lips. They make there way to my collar bone as my eyes travel up to his once again. Just as i think his thumb will travel over my chest he stops. Removes his hand. And walks back over putting the black shirt on. I breath in the deepest breath ever finally regaining my hold on reality. What was that?

He turns around buttoning the shirt up as i catch my last glimpse of his crimson body. Here let me help you. I say helping him with the last three buttons. "The second one is a real Pain." I tell him as i grab the button. He nods showing he understands. His hot breath rushes against my face as i try so hard to get the button on. I feel his eyes glued to me and I'm almost afraid to look up again.

"There." I squeak finally looking up. But Harry has already headed for the door. I want to say something. To make him stay. But it's to late. I hear the front door click shut and the curly haired boy is out of my life. I'm sure this is the last time i will see that shirt.

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