"Just tired."
She muttered.

But you could tell
It was not just a lack
Of sleep,

But a lack of hope,
That made her
Act the way she did.



"Your cute as hell. But I'm looking at your wrist." Chills shoot up and down my back and all i want to do is run. But I'm stuck. Just sitting there. Trapped against the wall. Harry's hazel eyes never leaving mine. His lips part as if to say something just as a bang comes from the door. "Come on you two. It's been forever. Other people need the closet." My arms fall to my side as Harry steps away exiting before i do. My facial expression stays the same. Absolutely shocked. How? How did he know?

I feel a tear slip but quickly wipe it away before anyone else sees. I just don't understand. I thought i kept it hidden so well. I never rolled up my sleves, never acted sad, i never even glanced down at them. So how did he know? Is he going to tell people? If he told anyone it would absolutely be the end of me.

"Brooklyn." I look over my shoulder to see Niall waving me over. "Hey." I give him a tight hug, mind still running wild. "I like the outfit. It looks sexy on you." He compliments. "Have you been drinking?" I ask smelling his breath. "Maybe just a little." He winks. "Come on. Come take a shot with me." He pushes grabbing my wrist. Ouch. I mentally punch him in the throat. "Umm. No. I was actually just about to go home. But thanks anyways." I try to walk away but he just holds on tighter. "I'm not taking no for an answer." My hand starts to tingle turning bright red. "Niall stop." I yell. "Come on brook. Stop being that way." He gets more in my face.

"Back the fuck off." Harry comes up pushing Niall back. "Harry stop." Niall is just drunk. Which obviously doesn't happen that often. I can understand. "Who the fuck do you think you are?" Niall shouts getting in his face. "Niall!" I yell stepping in between the two of them. "Come on pretty boy. Hit me. Don't be a pussy. Do it!" Harry shouts his eyes a dark shade of brown. "Who the fuck you callin a pussy." Niall spits. His eyes have also changed from there normal blue to a clouded grey. Clouded just like his judgment. "Boys stop." I shout.

Niall takes a step back so i put my arm down thinking there done. Then he runs and tackles Harry putting me in the middle of the tussle. Fist are thrown back and forth when one connects with me. "Fuck." I shout grabbing my gushing head. Someone drags me out of the middle laying me on the ground.

Harry's p.o.v

I throw a fist connecting with Niall's nose and hear a crack. Then blood begins to spill. But he ignores it throwing his fist over and over again. Then one of the punches connects with brook. Are you fucking kidding me? How are you going to hit a girl! I get on top of him pinning his arms behind his back. Punch after punch after punch connect with his nose seeing as it is his weakest point at this moment. "Call an ambulance!" Someone shouts. "No don't!" Adam shouts. Just about all of us are under aged drinkers. And god knows his parents would kill him.

"I got it." I shout stepping off Niall. I pick brook up and carry her out to the car. Her eyes squeeze shut holding her tears in. A few slip every now and then. The left side of her face is absolutely covered in blood soaking my shirt. Of course i chose tonight to wear white. Just my luck.

A few minutes later i carry her inside the hospital. The lady at the front desk drops her pen running out with a wheel chair. "What the hell happened." She shouts pushing brook back to a room. "Not sure. I found her out on her front lawn." I lie threw my teeth. "And what happened to you?" She asks obviously suspicious. "I fell."

Brooks p.o.v

6 stitches later and I'm sitting on the hospitals bed holding the night gown closed. Harry sits in one of the uncomfortable chairs sleeping. His right eye had turned a dark shade of purple. And his bottom lip is busted. I didnt think Niall knew how to fight. Guess the kid proved me wrong.

A scream comes from down the hall making both me and Harry jump up. "What was that?" I ask. "Were in a hospital. It could be anything." He assures me. I go to sit down when i hear it again. Its a boys shout. A familiar one. And again it comes. "Jax?" I ask myself. "Brook. Stop." He tells me coming closer. "No. Thats jaxson. Thats my little brother. I know it is." I tell him trying to walk out. "Brook jax isn't here. He died." Harry yells blocking me from leaving the room. Tears threaten to spill as i remember all my family is dead. Every single one of them.

Anther scream comes and i am positive its him. "Move!" I shout pushing Harry aside. He chases me out into the hall trying to catch me. I follow the scream 5 doors down and my heart practically leaps out of my chest. I feel like i just saw a ghost. "Jax." I whisper eyes wide. "Brook. No." Harry shouts stopping me from entering the room. "Noo!" I shout trying to climb out of his grasp. "Brook!" Jaxson shouts. Tears stream down my face at the sound of his voice. "Jaxson!" Harry drops me completely in shock.

I run to the side of his bed hot tears streaming down my face. "Brook." He cries hugging me. I pick him up sobbing. I cant believe its him. Its my brother. He's alive. I just. I cant believe this.

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