"Just tired."
She muttered.

But you could tell
It was not just a lack
Of sleep,

But a lack of hope,
That made her
Act the way she did.



A couple hours later, i sit in my car having a mental fucking break down. One minute I'm crying my eyes out, the next I'm punching the steering wheel screaming at the top of my lungs. Why would they do this to me? I'm suppose to be there little girl. There suppose to love me no matter what. You know what? I'm apart of this family to! And they cant just get rid of me. Not that easy. But what if my dad is there? I cant stand to look into those dull disapproving eyes. Ugh. My thoughts are so jumbled i feel as if my head will implode at any moment.

My phone begins to ring from the spot on the floor where i threw it? "Hello?" I ask unable to read who it was through the shattered screen. "Hey, boo bear." Lou. I know its him by the stupid nickname he gave me. "You coming to my party tonight? Its gonna be a trip. Way better then Zayn's yesterday. He doesn't understand the concept of buying enough alcohol for everyone." He stifles a laugh probably remembering last nights insident.

"Um... Ya. I'll be right over. I just want to get supper high and forget everything." I tell him being truthful. "Fam probs?" He asks obviously already knowing. Word travels fast in our little neighborhood. "Ya. Give me 20 minutes and I'll be there." He tells me alright and we say goodbye. All i need right now is a good joint and a drink to smooth me over. Then I'll go confront my parents.

I arrive half an hour later after changing into my spare clothes i keep in the trunk. Just simple leggings and crop top that says, 'if your a bird, I'm a bird.' I enter the house and right away see the usual group. "Hey." I smile greeting them warmly. "Boo boo!" Louis yells running up and squeezing me until all the breath has escaped my lungs. "Come on Lou. Put her down so we can hug her before she dies." Zayn tells him holding his red cup. Of course. Louis always keeps it 'classy.' "Fine." He yells setting me down. Zayn gives me a tight hug and a quick, 'i heard what happened, I'm always here for you.' But i just dismiss it with a nod.

"Who's this?" I ask motioning towards the innocent looking blonde sitting on my side of the couch. "Thats Niall. He's my new roomate." Zayn smiles warmly then whispers in my ear. "He's a little nervouse. This is his first party including alcoholic beverages other than champain." He winks at me laughing and i cant help but laugh to.

"I'm Brooklyn, but you can call me brook." I sit next to him on the coach with a warm smile. He simply returns it without another word. "Ok. We seriously need to get this boy a drink to lighten the mood." I announce grabbing the uneasy boys hand. "Wait what?" He asks. "No." His eyes are wide as i drag him in the kitchen. "Come on. Its fine." I tell him pouring his drink. "I've never drank before." He admits looking at the ground. "Welp, we all half to start somewhere... Right?" I shrug my shoulders showing its no big deal. But the uneasiness stays with him. He takes a sip and practically spits it out. "Oh my god." He yells. "Thats disgusting." He blurts. I begin to laugh so hard i snort. I quickly cover my face imbarresed. Niall's face turns bright red as he bends over laughing so hard i hear a few snorts from him, which of course sends us even further into laughter.

We make our way back to the group where a interesting game of 7 minutes in heaven has begun. Niall sites next to me on the edge of the coach waiting for the bottle to land on him. Haley spins the bottle and lands on brad. A college kid living in the dorms a few blocks down. They start locking lips before even entering the room. "Wait tell you get in the room ya nasty's!" Louis yells throwing a pillow at them.

Harry grabs the bottle spinning it, i watch as the bottle seems to turn in slow motion. I've only drank an eighth of the vodka i found being passed around but i can tell i have a buzz. The bottle lands on me and our eyes meet. Oh no. Of all the people... It just had to be Harry right? The one guy who hates me for no reason. No reason at all. Like really.

His eyes meet mine and i slowly stand up my nerves rushing to my head... When a commotion from outside saves me. I make my way to the front lawn pushing past people crowding the door. Flashing lights become more noticeable and my first thought is its a drug bust. But then i see the pigs knocking on the house next door... My house! "Brook?" Louis comes up behind me confused. "I don't know." I tell him.

I pad across the lawn then hop the fence separating the two. What happened? Was there a fight, robbery, breakin? "Wooh wooh wooh. Ma'am. I'm gonna half to ask you to exit the premises." The male officer motions for me to leave. "It's ok. She lives here." Louis reassures him after obviously following me across the lawn. "And him?" The officer asks redirecting his attention to me. "He's fine. He's with me." I cross my arms showing that i wont be pushed around. Police or not.

"So whats this all about?" I ask as the woman officer brings out a pad of paper. "Are you Brooklyn love Robinson?" She holds the pad in front of her like shes some big boss. I nod my head showing i am. "I'm so sorry for your loss." She puts a hand on my shoulder as if to comfort me. "What are you talking about? A loss?" My head starts to spin at all the possible answers. "Its um... It's your family. They were in a car crash. They died on impact." She looks me in the eyes but I'm looking in the distance. "Your kidding me right? This is some sort of sick joke... Right." "Right!" I yell looking the police officer in the face. "I'm afraid not." She looks down at the ground as if morning... Which makes no sense seeing as she never fucking met my family! "No... No... No. No!" I shout as tears start to stream down my face. "Your lieing. Your all fucking lieing." I throw my fist hitting the male officer on the shoulder. Lou comes up from behind grabbing me. "Sorry. Shes not in the right state of mind. He tells the officers dragging me towards the door. "Assaulting an officer is a fellany." The male yells at him in his stupid voice. I hate pigs! I hate them! "I'll take care of her. I swear." He tells them before dropping me off in the house.

I just collapse on the floor sobbing. This cant be happening. This kind of stuff only happens in the movies right? "Brook." Louis asks putting a hand on my back. "Don't touch me!" I shout now filled with anger. "Don't fucking touch me." I stand up pushing him. "Brook." He says trying to calm me. "Get out." I tell him. "Are you shur-" "get out of my fucking house!" I demand. I don't know why I'm acting like this towards him. All he's trying to do is help. But i feel like i need to take this out on someone. He grabs the door handle and exits the house. "Wait." I whisper as the door quietly clicks shut. I run to the window and watch as he walks back to his house and yells for everyone to, 'get the fuck out.' Then my eyes meet those hazel ones that hate me so. Harry stares at me from the sidewalk in front of my house with his hands in his pockets like he doesn't have a care in the world.

I slam the blinds shut before sliding back down the wall and crying again. I've never felt so sad in my entire life.

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