"Just tired."
She muttered.

But you could tell
It was not just a lack
Of sleep,

But a lack of hope,
That made her
Act the way she did.


7. chapter 7

"Do you have everything?" I ask Jax as he heads for the door. "Yes." He runs outside to the yellow taxi cab waiting for him. Ugh. I don't want him to go.

"Did you pack your phone charger?" He turns around flashing me that famouse smile. "Of course." I can tell he's getting annoyed by all my questions but I can't help it. I'm gonna miss him. Two weeks at basketball camp is a long time. I didn't even really want him to go.

"What about your tooth brush. You need to brush your teath at least twice a day." "Brook! Stop. Your acting like mom. Ill be back before you know it." Ugh. I know he's right but I just hate that he's leaving me. I feel like I just got him back.

"Ok. Ok. Fine. Leave me for your darn summer camp. But you better call every night. I mean it." I point my figure at him. His nose scrunchs up in the cutest way as he laughs. "Fine." He throws his bags in climbing in after them.

"Hey do me a favor." I lean my head in the window to better talk to the driver. "Take special care of him. Hes fragile" The taxi driver nods his head like he understands. But the thing is... he doesn't. Its taking me a lot to even ever let him get in a car again. Let alone with another person.

I step back as the engine roars to life. "By Jax. " I call as the taxi pulls away. "I love you." Within a few minutes the reaxi is gone with my little brother. What am I going to do without him?

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