Together Forever (summer love squeal)

Summer love squeal! Make sure you read summer love before this one! Enjoy(:


9. School.

Louis POV:

I woke up to Leah shaking me lightly. "Lou,louis,Lou?" She called. "Mmm" I smiled. "Come on it's almost time for school" she giggled. I loved her giggled. "Sorry mum I'll be up in a bit" I teased. She it me. I jumped up. "Woah what was that for!" I asked rubbing my arm. "Get up" she laughed. "Ok!" I half yelled getting up.

She laughed and walked out my room. She was my Bestfriend but she did annoy me a lot in the mornings!

I washed my face,and put my hair up into a quiff. I slipped into some black skinny jeans and shoved my white 'vans off the wall' top on. I put my vans on one after the other and grabbed my 'duffer' school bag. I put it on my back,and made my way down to the sitting room.

"Finally!" Ellie sighed in relief. "Let's go" zayn smiled swinging the car key around his finger. We all nodded and followed him out. There where vary few fans out side the building this morning as it was a Monday morning there for all the kids had to go to school.

Leah's POV:

The driver opened our doors for us. "Oh guess we're getting driven today" zayn laughed. We all smiled and got in. Liam didn't let go of my hand the whole car ride.

"I'm not going anywhere" I chuckled. He looked at me then down to our hands. "Sorry" he mumbled. "Is something wrong?" I asked. He shook his head. "I just love you to much to let you go." I smiled and pecked his cheek. "I love you too" he smirked. "Remember one day we will get married and have kids and-" I cut him off. "Be together forever and ever. Yes I know you've told me a million times before." I giggled. "Forever and ever" he repeated kissing my for head.

"Leah!" I heard Lexi call. "LEX!" I yelled hugging her tight. "What you been up to?" She asked. "Being bored! You?" I smiled. "Eh same" she laughed. We all walked to registration together and sat down.

"Miss lynch forgotten something?" Miss malaga asked while rolling her eyes. "Oh yeah shit" I said. "Language." She said rolling her eyes again. "Whoops sorry,slipped out" I smiled. "Go get it" she yelled pointing to the door. "I'm going" I said rolling my eyes

I walked up to mr pipers office (head). I knocked three times then walked in. "Sir can I have my behaviour plan?" I asked. He sighed and nodded. I rolled my eyes. He laughed. I liked mr piper he was one of the only nice teachers in the school. "There" he said pulling out a booklet and handing it to me. I thanked him then walked back to registration.

"Sit down!" Miss malaga said firmly. "What do you think I'm doing?" I asked annoyed. She ignored me. I sat down next to Lexi. "I'm moving forms I don't even care!" I said annoyed.

Just then I felt a hand touch the small of my back. I shivered at the sudden touch. I turned about to see who it was. "God harry you scared me!" I laughed. He smirked. There was a awkward silence,luckily we where saved by the bell signalling for us to go to first lesson.

Me and Liam held hands and walked down to maths together. We talked about how boring today's going to be. We reached our maths class room,went in and sat down.

"Today class we will be learning algebra" sir smiled. Everyone groaned. I put my hand up and swung my report around in the air. Sir come over and took it off me "good lesson today please miss lynch" I nodded and continued talking to Liam.

"What would you call a boy if we had a boy?" He asked. "Kyle,you?" I asked. "I've always wanted a boy called Kyle to!" He chuckled. "What about a girl" I asked. He smiled "April" my face lit up. "Me too" I blushed. "We are really made for each other" he whispered kissing my cheek.

"What colours would you have at our wedding?" He questioned. "Pink,white and your mothers touch of silver" I smiled. "Beautiful" he smirked. I giggled.

The rest of the day was boring,none of the boys where in my lessons and at lunch I couldn't find any of them. I hadn't seen liam since maths and Ellie hadn't seemed to have seen niall either.

We sat next to Lexi at lunch and decided to skip last period. We called a taxi back to the apartment and waited. Just then all the boys came walking around the corner,laughing about something. Me and Ellie ignored them and got into the taxi as soon as it pulled up.

Harry saw us and came running up to the taxi. "Where are you going?" He asked. "Home" Ellie said. "Why?" He asked. "Because we want to" I said. "Where have you been?" Ellie asked. "I can't tell you!" He whispered. "So you couldn't tell us you where going and we wouldn't see you all day,now you can't even say where you've been?" Ellie shouted before slamming the car door.

After 20 minutes of driving we arrived at the apartment. We walked straight in ignoring the fans. We walked straight to the elevator in silence.

When we got to the top floor we unlocked out door and walked straight upstairs. It was deadly silent,none off us wanted to speak. We grabbed a few clothes out of our rooms and both headed for the spare room.

We put our stuff down and sighed. "Why won't they tell us?" I asked. "I don't know but harry looked worried!" Ellie half shouted. We heard a lot of Steps walking around. "Girls?" Liam shouted. We ignored him slamming and locking the door. Everyone crowded outside. "What's wrong?" Louis asked. "Why didn't you guys tell us you where going?" Ellie said calmly. "We didn't want to say anything" harry said. "Where have you been?" Ellie asked. "Out!" Zayn half shouted. "Bye." Ellie half shouted back.

I could hear them all backing away from the door. Ellie laid down on the bed and sighed. "Leah?" Liam asked softly. "What?" I whispered. "There's a good reason we didn't tell you too" he sighed. "What's the reason?" I asked. "Your find out this weekend. Just pack your bags were going away" he said. I unlocked the door and wrapped my arms around him. "It's not something bad is it?" I cried. "No! Don't think the worst of me." He giggled. I nodded and went into his room to pack.

Ellie's POV:

Leah left with Liam a couple of minutes ago. I heard knocking on the door. "What" I whispered. "Me" I heard Niall say. I opened the door and let him in. We sat on the bad in silence.

"Where where you?" I asked. He smirked. "Promise not to say a word?" He giggled. I nodded. "We went ring shopping for Leah!" He whispered. I slammed my hand over my mouth. "No Way!" I whispered. He nodded. "Oh my! I need to apologise for having ago at harry!" I whispered. "No need,he gets why you got annoyed. We just can't tell Leah. Were all going away tomorrow,to Australia.and Liam's going to propose." He giggled. My face lit up. "That's amazing!" I giggled. "I know!"

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