Together Forever (summer love squeal)

Summer love squeal! Make sure you read summer love before this one! Enjoy(:


7. News

Leah's POV:

Tomorrow came quicker than I expected,Liam had texted me a couple of hours ago telling. Me he'll pick me up at 8. He said he wanted to treat me out to dinner and he had something important to ask me. God am I scared!

8pm came. Liam was standing outside my door in a white shirt,black blazer and black skinnies. "You look nice" I smiled. "As do you" he smirked.

It wasn't a far drive to the restaurant,only about 10 minutes. We walked in,and i saw everyone's eyes on me. There was massive table with zayn,louis,Perrie,niall,harry and Ellie sat around. Liam led me over,I kissed everyone 'hello' and sat down.

Me and Ellie and Perrie ordered salads while the boys ordered stake. We ate and laughed and joked before niall raised is glass and said "can I have your attention please?" We all let out a chuckle. Liam stood up. "Girls" he started. "I know we haven't all known each other that long,but every single one of us want you,if you want to..." Liam explained. "Move in with all of us!" Niall yelled.

Me and Ellie both nodded then hugged everyone. Liam gave me and Ellie a key each. "Were take you both there tomorrow" zayn smiled. We both nodded in excitement.

Later that evening me and Ellie both sat our parents down together. "Guys,don't get us wrong,we love you and we appreciate everything you've done for us,but.." I explained. "the boys have asked us to move in with them!" Ellie yelled with excitement. Our mums jumped up hugging us in excitement. "That's amazing! But don't forget,if you ever wanna come back,home is always here!" My mother said. "And come visit!" Ellie's mum smiled.

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