Together Forever (summer love squeal)

Summer love squeal! Make sure you read summer love before this one! Enjoy(:


8. New House.

Ellie's POV:

Niall had picked me up around 9am this morning. He was more excited me moving in than I was. We drove to Leah's. The car ride was short,but it felt like forever,Niall kept asking me loads of questions. It got irritating after awhile I have to admit.

"Niall,baby,as much as I love you,could you please shut up!" I laughed. He chuckled. "Sorry I'm just nervous" I smiled. "About what? It would just be like Paris again" he chuckled. "Exactly."

We pulled up at Leah's house and put all her things in the trunk of Nialls car. "How far always the house?" Leah asked. "About 30 minute drive" Niall replied. "Oh right,what is it,house,flat?" She continued. "Penthouse" he smiled. I let out a chuckle. "Were gunna have our own bedroom right?" Leah chuckled,already knowing the answer. "No,you will share with Liam,and Ellie will share with me,but there's a spare bedroom if you girls wanna stay in there,if your pissed at one of us!" Niall laughed.

Half hour past. "Yep. Just like Paris" I smiled. There was fans screaming everywhere,pulling outside the building. Niall grabbed mine and Leah's things,then we all walked up to the entrance. Niall stopped and turned around. "Sorry guys,can't stop,busy,busy!" He smiled. Me and Leah both let out a little chuckle.

We road the elevator all the way to the top floor. When we reached the top,Niall pulled out a small silver key,he unlocked the door. I was getting nervous now. He walked in and placed all our stuff down. He showed us around the apartment.

"This is zayns bedroom" he said pointing at the door. "That's louis and that's Harry's" he smiled pointing at them. "That's the bathroom!" He giggled. "That's Liam's room" he smiled opening the door and walking in. "Hey you could have told me you where here! I texted you 500 times!" He giggled pulling Leah into a hug. "Sorry my phone must have been on silent!" She giggled kissing his cheek. "We're leave you lovers be!" Niall laughed. He grabbed my hand and pulled me over to his room. "And this is my room!" He chuckled. I smiled.

Leah's POV:

Liam helped me put all my things away,hang all my clothes up and make me feel up home. We sat down cuddling for a minute or two. "You know what we haven't done in ages" he winked. "Mmm" I laughed. "Later?" He chuckled. I nodded closing my eyes laying on his chest. We talked for ages about a load of random things. "Dinners ready,when are the girls going to be here?" I heard someone call. I giggled and got up,pulling Liam with me. We walked into the dinning room.

"Leah!!!!!" Louis yelled pulling me into a hug. I laughed and hugged him back. "You okay Lou?" I chuckled. "Shut up!" He smiled. I pulled out of his grip and sat down. "Whats for dinner?" I smiled. He hit me playfully. "You get what your given!" He smirked. I gave him my best death glare. "Sausage and mash" he giggled. "Good good" I laughed.

Everyone came piling into there seats. We all ate and laughed,and talked and joked about random things.

After dinner me and Liam went back to our room. "Wanna put a movie on?" He smirked. I nodded. He slid a disk in the DVD player and came and lied down next to me. He pulled me close to him. "Now?" I asked. He giggled and started to kiss me.

I pulled his shirt over his head and rolled so I was on top of him. I kissed down his bare chest,all the way to the bottom of his tummy. He groaned,I tugged at his trousers and pulled them down,following by his boxers,I dipped my head to wrap my lips around the glistening head. He gasped and pushed into my mouth. I slid back up, my tongue tracing the underside of Liam's dick. Multiple times. He swore relentlessly and moaned and groaned and with a bit of my name, he came. I swallowed quickly and pulled my body back up so I was kissing him again. He rolled so he was on top of me, he moved his lips to my neck and kissed down tugging my top and jacket off. He kissed down my stomach,I groaned as he got closer to my pants. He tugged my shorts off. I groaned again. He came back up and kissed me,un clipping my bra. I could feel his hard one though my underwear. "Liam" I groaned. He smirked. He pulled down my underwear,and pulled a condom out his bed side draw. He put it on and kissed me again. he lined up and pushed inside me. We both groaned. I had tingles all in my body. It hurt a first but once he had a steady rhythm going, I went with it and it felt really good. He kissed me as he moved. Once he came again. He pulled out. Witch hurt. A lot. I almost screamed,with pleasure.

We cuddled under the covers. "I love you." He whispered. "I love you too" I smiled.

That night I fell asleep the way it was meant to be. I feel asleep with the one I love. In his arms,close to him. I don't ever want it to change. Ever. Tonight wasn't sex,tonight it was different more meaningful than ever. I wouldn't have it any other way!

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