Together Forever (summer love squeal)

Summer love squeal! Make sure you read summer love before this one! Enjoy(:


3. first impressions

Leah's POV:

I walked through the door and headed up stairs before I got stopped. "Not so fast" mum yelled. I walked back down stairs. "What?" I asked. "Who's the boy?" She asked.

'Oh shit!' I thought to myself,it had been about 6months and I haven't even told my mum I'm going out with Liam! I refused to tell her what happened in Paris,I was too upset to talk about it at the time.

"Liam payne" I smiled. "That one from one direction!" She half yelled. I nodded. "What's he doing at our house?" She asked confused. "Mum" I sighed. "Yes sweet pea?" She smiled. "I think it's time to tell you what really happened in Paris" she nodded and sat down.

"Me and Ellie were both on our way to meet jane at the air port. I decided to go get a coffee and that's where it all started" I explained.

* I looked behind to see we're Ellie was, "look out!" She screamed. Just then a boy walked right into me and I spilled my coffee all over his white t-shirt.

"Im so sorry" I said pulling him aside. I grabbed napkins from behind me and whipped his shirt. "Hey let me do that" said a muscular voice. "Na babe it's fine I got it" I replied. Did I just really call this bloke babe? Fuck. Blame Towie!

He lifted his my chin up with his finger,he smirked. "Harry styles?" I said blankly. "Yes your not a crazed fan!" He laughed. I smiled. Ellie came running up to me. "Janes waiting come on." I couldn't seem to move. I felt paralysed as my eyes locked to Harry's. My phone beeped. *1message form Ellie* I knew she was right behind me so I just ignored it.

"Hey can I borrow that" I gave him a confused look but obeyed him anyway. He got out his phone and started typing something into it. I'll text you later. He whispered in my ear,kissing me on the cheek. I laughed and turned round,still feeling paralysed,until Ellie grabbed my arm and dragged me out of the shop.*

"Whoah the harry styles?" She asked. I nodded and carried on. "We settled down at Janes,then I get a text from harry asking if we could meet him."

*"I think we should set them up" I nudged harry. He smirked then winked. It hit 10pm. "Sh!t it's getting late me and ellie should get back." I yawned. "You can stay the night at ours it's closer and we'll drop you off tomorrow morning after our sound check" he offered. "Erm..." I hesitated. "Let me go call jane." I continued.*

"Anyway I called jane and obviously she said it was fine,we made our way to the hotel"

*We got to the hotel there was paparazzi and fans everywhere. We ran to the doors,and ran for the lift. "Sorry about that" Harry smirked. "It happens a lot" Ellie laughed. "We're all in the same apartment,2rooms..." Louis explained. He continued. "Perrie,Ellie,niall and zayn in a room and Leah,harry,liam and I in a room ok?" Everyone nodded.*

"I don't get it? It seems like your more attracted to harry? When does Liam come in?" My mum asked. "I'm getting to that now." I rolled my eyes.

"Basically we got in and we decided to play truth or dare,Ellie had to kiss harry and I had to kiss liam... And quite a few other stuff anyway I'm not going to into detail on it. And basically it went from there" I smiled at the memory. "How did you too get together?" She asked. "Basically.. It all happened on my birthday.." I explained.

*i woke up to everyone singing 'happy birthday' to me. I smiled. "Can I go back to sleep now?" I asked closing my eyes again. Next think I new louis picked me up and threw me over his shoulder. "Lou put me down!" I screamed punching his bare back. "Fine!" He yelled throwing me on the sofa. "Now get up!" He smiled jumping on top of me.

"Birthday presents!" Ellie screamed. "No I don't want fuck all!" I screamed. "Tough" Ellie laughed. Niall gave me his present first,I opened it,inside was a charm that said friend. I looked at him confused, he then held up best on his keys. "Thanks I love it" I smiled hugging him and kissing him on the cheek. Ellie gave me a charm bracelet witch I attached Nialls charm to. Harry gave me a 'his onzie' and liam a 'hers' we both laughed. zayn and perry got me frame saying 'best friends forever and always' with a picture if everyone in. I thanked them.

Louis was next. He pulled out a black box from his pocket and smiled. I opened the box,in side were little pink diamond ear rings. I smiled. "Thanks Lou love you" he kissed my cheek "love you to lee" last but not least was Liam. He got me roses and chocolates,and a half a heart necklace saying something on the back,I looked "Liam an for" I questioned. He laughed and pulled out the other half from his pocket and connected them together. "Liam and Leah forever and always" I read out loud. I hugged him and kissed him.

We played spin the bottle for about a hour then me and Liam decided to go and get ready. Liam told me to dress warm so I wore black skinny jeans,my black vans,a white top,a grey hoodie and a white Beanie.

Liam put on his black skinny jeans,a red snap back,a white top and a grey hoodie.he took my hand as we exited the hotel,we made our way to the main lobby and walked out hand in hand. Everyone was taking pictures and singing happy birthday,how did they know it was my birthday? Shit. Twitter. Liam ignored everyone calling his name,he opened the car door for me and kissed me on the cheek. I got in and shut the door behind me. Liam spoke to his driver then got in. I unlocked my phone and went on twitter. I had tones of birthday messages.

I messaged you back and locked my phone. "Happy birthday" liam said before pecking me on the lips. "Babe you say it every 5seconds!" I laughed. He smirked. "We're here"he smiled. He walked round the car and opened my door. I got out and held his hand. Right in front of me was the Eiffel Tower. It was beautiful.

He led me over to a patch under the Eiffel Tower. There was a picnic basket and blanket laid down I had also arranged candles spread out around us, there was a rose in the middle of the table,it was set up perfectly.

I stopped for a moment. "What's wrong?" He asked confused. "I love you!" I said jumping at him. He wrapped my legs around his waist and carried me to our area. We laid down looking at the stars. We fed each other chocolate covered strawberries,and cuddled close. Then he spoke

"Listen Leah,I know I haven't known you long,but I don't care,the first times we met it was pretty awkward,but when we were about to have our first kiss I got butterflies in my tummy,I don't usually get that with a girl,when we kissed i felt like there was fireworks exploding everywhere,I'm just trying to say I love you. Will you be my girlfriend?" He said. *

I smiled at the memory as I explained it. "Oh let's see the necklace?" My mum asked in excitement. I rolled my eyes and pulled it out from under my top. "Doesn't make sense at the moment,but looks adorable!" She laughed. I smirked. "You should invite him round tomorrow after school for dinner!" She suggested. "To meet you... Are you kidding!" I joked. She hit me playfully. "Ok I'll text him now" I smiled

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