Together Forever (summer love squeal)

Summer love squeal! Make sure you read summer love before this one! Enjoy(:


4. Dinner.

Liam's POV:

It was a long school day. I met Ella at her class room. "Hey" she smiled. "Hey" I said grabbing her hand. Our fingers interlocked. We walked to my car,I opened the passenger side for her. She climbed in. I grabbed the seatbelt and pulled it over her,clipping it in. She laughed "I'm no five yanno." She smiled. "I know" I smiled before pecking her on the lips and walking round to climb in my self.

"My mums well embarrassing and she kinda I don't know... loves you." She laughed. I smirked "what about your father,will he approve" I joked. She frowned. "My... Dad. Erm...he's gone" she said. I leaned over and kissed her cheek. I didn't know what to say. I grabbed her hand and left my other on the steering wheel. The rest of the drive was silent.

We pulled up at her house. I walked round to her door and opened it. She smiled and climbed out. "Shit." She mumbled. "What?" I whispered. "Paps" she said. "Ignore them" I half smiled. We held hands as we walked up to her house,she unlocked the door.

Mums POV:

I heard the door unlock,I was pretty nervous on meeting the boy. "Mum?" I head someone yell. "In here sweet pea" I half yelled back. I saw too shadowy figures approach the sitting room. I smiled.

"Liam dear... Lovely to meet you" I smiled,hugging and kissing his cheek. "Lovely to meat you too mrs lynch" he smiled. "Dinner should be ready in about ten minutes" I smiled before leaving to enter the kitchen.

Leah's POV:

"Er... Mum were gunna go upstairs and do homework or something I guess" I half yelled. "Alright no naughty business though" she yelled back. Liam smirked. "What? You don't like my mum?" I joked. "She's almost as perfect as you" he winked. "Cheeky." I laughed.

I led Liam upstairs and into my room. "Your rooms massive!" He mumbled looking around. "erm ok?" I questioned. He smirked. "So.." I asked. "Mmm" he shrugged. "This is kinda weird" I laughed. He nodded.

Luckily mum called us down for dinner,before things got more awkward.

"What we having?" I asked as me and Liam walked down stairs. "Home made lasagne" she said placing a tray on the kitchen table. "It looks lovely mrs lynch" Liam smiled. I laughed. "Thank you Liam.Call me Kirsty." She smiled. I slapped my head. Everyone looked at me. "What?" Liam asked putting an arm around my waist. "Nothing" I laughed.

We all sat down and within five minutes everyone was talking like old friends. I found it a bit weird that my mum and Liam got along so well,but then again I'm glad they did.

After dinner me and Liam went upstairs to watch a movie. "What do you wanna watch?" I asked turning the tv on. "Whatever you wanna watch" he said. "I don't care" I smiled. "Just put the first movie on then" he laughed. "The notebook" I smiled. Liam smirked.

Liam's POV:

Leah cried in my arms. I shed a tear or too,but luckily she didn't see. When the movie had finished Leah had fell straight asleep. I got up and turned the tv off before tucking Leah in and kissing her goodnight. I walked down stairs silently as I didn't know if Kirsty was still up or not.

"Liam what are you still doing here?" She asked. "Leaving?" I half questioned half stated. She laughed. "Do you want me to tell Leah your gone?" She smiled. "Erm yeah. Oh and would you mind telling her I'll pick her up at 8pm tomorrow?" I winked. "What are you planning paynooooo?" She laughed. "Nothing..." I laughed before kissing her cheek and waving goodbye.

I got in my car and smiled. Just smiled. Tonight has been one of the best nights in my life. Leah's mum likes me,and in a week or so,I honestly think Kirsty will approve of my plan... I guess were just have to wait and see.

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