Together Forever (summer love squeal)

Summer love squeal! Make sure you read summer love before this one! Enjoy(:


11. Australia

Liam's POV:

I awoke to the alarm clock ringing in my ears. "Eurg" I mumbled,reaching to turn it off. I kissed Leah gently. Her eyes fluttered open. "Morning" she whispered. "Come on sleepy,we've got a long flight a head of us,we leave in a hour,I'm going to wake the boys up" I smiled kissing her cheek then walking out.

"LOUIS" I screamed. He jumped. "Woah what?" He shouted. "Up dressed we leave in a hour!" I smiled slamming his door shut after walking out. "Zayn,Perrie" I smiled. Watching them already up. "We leave in a hour" I smirked. "Harry" I said shacking him lightly. "I'm up" he smiled. "We leave in a hour" "Niall,Ellie?" I shouted through the door. "Were up!" They yelled back. "We leave in a hour!" I half shouted back.

I walked back to mine and Leah's room. She was already dressed. And god did she look beautiful. Her hair was still wet,but won't be for long as she had the hair drier out,so I assume she was about to dry it. She had a white lacy top on,that showed her figure perfectly,she had high waisted denim shorts on and a pair of white vans. I smiled at her.

"What?" She asked noticing my stair. "I'm so lucky to have you" I smiled. And it was true. I'm so glad she was my soon to be wife. that's if she says yes,witch I hope she does.

"Let's go!" Zayn yelled. I laughed "come on" I smiled grabbing our luggage.

Once in the car,we all had a little sing Song. We sung along to everything that come on,trying to make time pass

'Only miss the sun when it starts to snow...' We sang...

'R.I.P to the girl I used to be...'

'The girl that I came with,she had to go. But you look amazing standing alone,so c'mon,c'mon move a little closer now...'

After around 30 minutes of singing we arrived at the airport. I smiled at Leah. "What?" She giggled. I moved a strand of hair out her face. She was so beautiful. I took her face in my hands and kissed her.

"What was that for?" She asked,with the biggest smile on her face. I smirked and kissed her again.

We got out the car and people brought our luggage through. It was really early in the morning so I was pretty surprised at the amount of fans that where here. We all signed a few things,then entered the building. Security guards took care of our luggage as we went through security check and all that shit. We boarded our plane shortly after.

"I love you" I said,looking directly at Leah. "I know liam,you've told me fifty times just this morning!" She laughed. "I know but I really really love you" I smiled laying my neck on her shoulder. She kissed my forehead. "And I really really love you" she whispered. And with that I feel asleep.

Leah's POV:

"Leah?" I heard someone say,shaking me. I fluttered my eyes open. "Mmm" was all I managed to get out. "We're here!" Louis said,standing in front of me. I looked to my left. "Where's Liam?" I asked. "He's getting our luggage with the rest of the boys." Louis smiled. I nodded and took his hand. He pulled me up and walked me off the plane.

We met up with the boys. "Hey sleepy" liam said,running up to me and hugging me tight. "Mmm" was all I managed to get out. "We're going to the villa now" he whispered. I nodded and followed him to the car.

It was a short drive to the villa,about 20 minutes.

I looked up at it. "Nice" I mumbled. Zayn laughed. "What?" I asked. "Nothing" he smirked. I looked at him confused,but shook it off after a while.

We went inside,the boys dropped our luggage off in the what looked like a kitchen dinning area. I slipped off my shoes and ran straight out side. All the boys watched in shock. I didn't bother stripping,I just drives straight into the pool,Ellie and Perrie following.

The boys jumped in seconds later. I swam over to liam,and automatically pressed my lips to his,wrapping my legs around him. "I love you" I mumbled against his lips. I pecked his lips once more before untangling myself from him. I lifted his shirt up and over his head. He looked at me confused. I just smiled throwing his shirt away and hugging him tight.

Louis POV:

It was adorable seeing Liam and Leah together,there like the cutest couple ever. I know Leah's going to be so happy when Liam proposes! I have to admit,I did fancy her a little at first,but I'm so happy for them!

I splashed Ellie and Niall. "Oh no you didn't!" Ellie screamed snapping her fingers in a 'z' shape. "I yes I did!" I laughed mimicking her 'z' shape move. She rolled her eyes and splashed water over me. I laughed splashing it back.

"Here." Niall whispered to me. I looked at him confused for a second before splashing Ellie again. Niall jumped out of the pool and grabbed a big bucket. He filled it with water then came outside. "What are you?" I mouthed. He held up his finger to his lip,signalling me to shush. Ellie stopped splashing me and stood still looking confused.

Nialls POV:

I pored the bucket over Ellie. She stood with her hands out,her hair falling naturally. "Niall!" She screamed. "I love you please don't be mad" I laughed jumping in the pool,splashing her again. Everyone was laughing.

"Your so lucky I love you!" She said dunking me under the water. I laughed and kissed her cheek. "I love you too" I whispered.

After around 10 minutes,me and Ellie got out of the pool and went and dried off. "I'm going to get a drink I'll be back in a minute" Ellie said to everyone. They all nodded. I followed her in and wrapped my arms around her. "I can't do this anymore" I said,picking her up 'bridal style' and carrying her up stairs.

I kissed her hard. I thew her on the bed and hovered over her still kissing her. "Not now!" She mumbled. I groaned. "Yes now" I smiled. She giggled and pushed me off. "Now!" I smiled pushing her back down and getting on top of her again. She rolled so she was on top of me. She kissed down my bare chest,all the way to the bottom of my tummy. I groaned,She tugged at my trousers and pulled them down,following by my boxers,she dipped her head to wrap her lips around the glistening head. I gasped and pushed into her mouth. She slid back up, her tongue tracing the underside of My dick. Multiple times. I swore relentlessly and moaned and groaned and with a bit of Ellie's name, I came. She swallowed and pulled her body back up so she was kissing me again. I rolled so I was on top of her, I moved my lips to her neck and kissed down tugging her top and jacket off. I kissed down her stomach,She groaned as I got closer to her pants. I tugged her shorts off. She groaned again. I came back up and kissed her,un clipping her bra. "Niall" she groaned. I smirked. I pulled down her underwear,and pulled a condom out. I put it on and kissed her again. I lined up and pushed inside her. We both groaned. I kissed her as I moved. Once I came again. I pulled out.

Leah's POV:

We sunbathed for the rest of the afternoon. It was not 4:30pm. "Come on guys we need to get ready,we're going out!" Liam yelled. I nodded and went upstairs,pulling my suitcase up with me. Niall and Ellie came out of a room giggling. I cleared my throat and crossed my arms. "Dirty." I spat. They laughed more. "It's not what you.." I cut him off. "It's exactly what I think" I laughed. He blushed and nodded. I giggled. "We're going out get ready" I said. They nodded and ran back into the room.

I got changed into my denim skater skirt,with my red belly top and a white beanie,paired with white converse. I brushed and straightened my hair before applying a little make up. Liam knocked before walking in,in shorts and a white top,paired with black vans. "Ready?" He asked. I put my mascara down and jumped up. "Ready" I smiled. He walked over and pressed his lips to mine. "I love you" he whispered agains them. "Always" I smiled kissing him one last time.

He grabbed my hand and walked downstairs. "Ready?" He asked,looking at everyone sat down together. They all nodded before standing up and walking outside. It was now 5pm. We walked along the streets and on to the beach.

It was beautiful! There was a massive table in the middle of the beach,with candles lit all around. Liam took my hand and guided me over there. Everyone else following. "It's beautiful" I giggled wrapping my arm around his. He kissed my forehead and smiled. The sun was now setting. Everyone was seated but me and Liam.

Liam guided me over to the water. We stood on the edge of the sand and smiled watching the sun set. Liam slowly pulled out of my grip and smiled before... Oh gosh.

Liam's POV:

I got down on one knee. All the boys,Ellie and perry had all ran up to us. Watching me. "Liam what are you..." Leah said. I cut her off. "Shh" was all I said,before taking her hand in mine.

"Leah Elizabeth Lynch. What a ride this has been. I met you in Paris,the most romantic city in the world. We didn't really speak and first,and even I have to say... It was pretty awkward.." I started. I giggled a little. She had tears in her eyes. I half smiled. "You are beautiful,kind,caring,funny and always know how to cheer me up. You are my other half. My one and only. I made a promise to you,that one day we would get married and have kids and grow old together,and well this is the start of that promise. What I'm trying to say is,I'd be half a heart without you. Leah Elizabeth Lynch. Will you marry me?" I asked pulling a black box out of my pocket and opening it. I smiled. Her hand smacked over her mouth. "Yes!" She cried. I smiled before slipping the ring on her finger.


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