Chaos' Love for Ajalu

The title is roughly translated into; CHAOS' LOVE FOR TRAGEDY

Unable to love, to feel, or to touch Chaos was a ghostly figment of one's imagination. That of course is what they want you to think. Chaos is very much a physical embodiment. The twin of Death; Chaos is very powerful...keen to keep is emotions severed Chaos laughs at the face of love; and then Love curses him with a heart. This is the story of how the Angel of Chaos fell in love with a very human, yet very special girl. This is a short story. Very short.


3. Chapter Two: 2001

November, 2001



I do believe the exact day I actually met and talked to Tessa Green was perhaps November 21, 2001.As I mentioned before, I was cursed with a heart because I pissed off Love. I had no intention of falling in love; so I avoided humanity all together. It was near impossible to do my job without coming into contact with those hairless apes. I do believe I had had enough with being in isolation and had moved my host to Manhattan to stir up some chaos. Unfortunately, chaos has already found that city in September. Horrible business that was. My brother was busy for weeks cleaning up the souls of the deceased. The murdered. I may be Chaos, but I do feel horrible about wasted life. Now don't go and say; But Karcas, you waste life every day. You kill people. For fun. I know I do, but I feel awful now because of the damn curse! Sorry friend, but its true I never used to care how many of these creatures I killed. I didn't care how grisly, or painful their deaths were but ever since I got this damn heart, so because of that...I can feel. I hate these emotions stirring around in my body I'm supposed to the emotionless mastermind behind every discrepancy , misunderstanding, fight, and bloodshed. Now with these, these emotions I can't do my job. Its chaotic; no pun intended. Love can be down right spiteful when she's pissed off. She wants earth to always be in the sixties; because everyone loved each-other, it was all peace, and mellow. Ick, just thinking about the sixties makes me gag. It was so hard to find a murderer in that decade; I had to go to a different country for fuck's sake!


Well back to business. I traveled from Tipid, Arizona, to Manhattan, New York, New York. I didn't know what exactly compelled me to do such a thing. After-all I was trying to avoid the human race, not run into a human every second of every day. I know it may sound crazy, or if a half angel could go delusional; I guess that's what I am, delusional. I traveled to Manhattan because I felt compelled to, like something was pulling me towards the Big Apple. I can tell you one thing, the longer I ignored the pull, the more painful it became. So when I could no longer resist the pull I traveled, as any angel or demon would do; I flew to New York. Where the pain just doubled, I had to follow this tugging sensation...I did so, for three days until I stumbled upon a small coffee shop. That's where I saw her again-Tessa was manning the counter, cranking out espressos and cappuccinos left and right. She was as beautiful as I remembered her, and I also remembered the vessel I was in wasn't much to look at. I traveled a few blocks until I discovered an aspiring model...perfect. I could if I truly wanted to, take his body from where I stood three blocks away but I wanted to have some fun. I was next to him; he didn't even have the time to look up and scream before I was taking over his body. I smiled as flexed my new muscles. His memories slowly disappeared, and I absorbed the murderer's memories instead. Every kill, every burial, every slice of a knife.


I returned to the coffee shop, and Tessa was still there. Her smile lighting up the place more than the lights ever could. What was I saying? This isn't me, I'm Karcas, the half angel half demon lord of Chaos! I don't love, and I certainly don't admire a woman's smile from a window! When I find Love I will personally rip off her puny little hands, unfortunately at that moment in my life I had no control whats so ever over my body, or bodies. I walked into the coffee shop, and sat at the bar. Her smile found me and I melted, it wasn't even by choice. I was screaming to run away but my new heart kept on telling me, 'She's the one, she's the one, she's the one.' God damn it to Hell. 


"Hello, what can I get you?"


"A coffee, black."


"Alright, who's this coffee for?"


"Kyle Bust."


"Tessa Green, so a black coffee? Are you a police officer?"


"No, a model actually."


"I can see it." She smiled, and winked before going to prepare the coffee. I don't even drink coffee. I'm allergic to coffee all angels are. I pretended to drink it as she set it down. Why was I even here? I am supposed to hate the human race, yet here I am-flirting with a would be victim. Tessa had turned away from me at this point in the one sided conflict that was going on in the mind of Karcas the Angel of Chaos. 


"So, Kyle what brings you to Corner Cafe?" She finally asked.


"I don't know exactly, maybe it was destiny." Tessa was taken aback for a second before she continued their conversation;


"You don't strike me as the kind of guy who believes in destiny," 


"Really? You don't strike as the kind of girl who strikes up conversation with a random customer."


"Touche." Tessa said through a smile. The girl in front of him bent over the counter to wipe away dried coffee rings. She noticed the untouched coffee in front of me, but passed it off. 


"When do you get off work? I'm not trying to be creepy." Shut up you fool! 


"Seven." Tessa said quietly. "You could never be creepy." You don't know me! I am powerful, I am emotionless! No, brother you are not. You love this girl.- Get out of my head! -Oh but I like it here brother.




I was tempted to tell her my true name, but that would mean she could control me. Call me to her for her every need. With me under her servitude I could wipe out countries. So I answered her instead.


"I am fine Tessa, I'll meet you here at 7:30 then."


"Okay, see you at 7:30." I removed myself from Corner Cafe, and flew up to Heaven to confront my sister.


When I found her she was laughing with Michael. 




"Oh hello brother. How are you enjoying yourself?"


"You know full well how I'm 'enjoying' myself. I cannot do my job properly with, with these emotions! Therefore Death cannot do his. Do you ever think of anyone else besides yourself?"


"Have you fallen in love?"


"Yes! Its dangerous for me to grow attached to a human. Have you forgotten the last time you punished me? I was so confused and so sidetracked by her that Death didn't know whom to attack? Have you forgotten sister? How horribly terrifying I had become. Do you not remember the bloodshed, the wars, the disease?" My sister looked at me in confusion, and then her face revealed that she did remember.


"Karcas, I am terribly sorry. Tessa is meant to be an angel when she dies, and she dies soon. Very soon."




"What time is it?"




"Right now." Deep within my well I suppose soul; I heard the gunshot that killed her. I could see without looking the blood seep out of her body. Mixing with the coffee on the Cafe's floor. 


"No! Tessa!" I flew to her side, where Death had already collected her soul. "Brother."


"Brother. I am sorry. Love is a cruel Angel." My brother still had no emotions. He didn't understand the hurt I was feeling. Although I knew already that Tessa wasn't in her body; I knelt anyway next to her mangled corpse. Tears fell down my face. Yes I loved her, more than my very existence. But now she was an angel and I had to go and welcome her to angelhood. I traveled back to Heaven. To welcome my love.


"Brother." I turned to see Death standing there, Death was not his true name but that is what I called him always in case someone would overhear. If Death was to be chained to anyone; it would be to me. Always. His true name was Kematian, I liked it better although it was just Death in a different language; but each angel had the choice of what their true name was. Death happened to choose his name in the language 'Malay'. Next to my brother was Tessa, or rather the Angel of Tragedy. 




"I changed it, you can call me, Ajalu."


"But that's just Tragedy in another language."


"Who actually knows the language Yoruba?"


"Not many. I am Chaos."


"I have told you my true name, can you not tell me your's?"


"I am Karcas, brother of Death, lover of you, Ajalu."




You see my friends? Even if I wanted to I could not escape my love. Ajalu followed me everywhere because wherever Chaos went, Tragedy would surely follow. That is my love story. What is yours?


Yes dear friends this is the end of our tale. I am sorry, that it is so short. But I can say this I no longer possess murderers. No I create my own chaos and the three of us, Chaos, Ajalu, and Death create harmony on Earth. Of course Love, Hope, and Happiness follow us as well.

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