Chaos' Love for Ajalu

The title is roughly translated into; CHAOS' LOVE FOR TRAGEDY

Unable to love, to feel, or to touch Chaos was a ghostly figment of one's imagination. That of course is what they want you to think. Chaos is very much a physical embodiment. The twin of Death; Chaos is very powerful...keen to keep is emotions severed Chaos laughs at the face of love; and then Love curses him with a heart. This is the story of how the Angel of Chaos fell in love with a very human, yet very special girl. This is a short story. Very short.


2. Chapter One: 1997

March 2nd, 1997


It was a cold morning in early March when I met Tessa Green. I had just possessed Kevin Cole, a raising star in the homicide underworld. He had only killed five people, scattered around the country, and Tessa Green was next. Tessa, was supposed to be his next victim; key word supposed. But that was before I pissed off Love. God damn my big mouth. Would you prefer to hear my side or her side? Of course my side! Its my damn story! Sorry, friend; I have a volatile temper at times; some confuse me with my cousin, the Angel of War. Anyway; the story... I'll have to to skip ahead a few years.


May 9th, 1999


I was visiting Heaven on business; when I say business I mean to mess with Angels that control emotions. I loved to see them squirm trying to make me, feel I had no intentions of crossing paths with Love that day; or any day for that matter. I hated her with a passion, I hated emotions not because I did not possess any but because I simply found them to be cumbersome, an inconvenience. The others didn't see it that way. They enjoyed their emotions; they relished in them; it disgusted me how they frolicked in the sickening madness of the different emotions the humans changed like a woman  changed her clothes at will. The worst part was that the Emotion Angels, were they're emotions; twenty four seven, with the exception of love because love my friends has many emotions tied to it; love, anger, happiness, pain, sadness, hope. Those were the emotions that made love, well love. Well the Angel of Love, had a temper like I, and to get her mad, was something I wouldn't endorse, even if you had a death wish.


"Karcas." I remembered her sneering at me as I passed her on my way to see my cousin. 


"Love." I sneering in her general direction, not giving half a damn where exactly her voice had come from.


"How does it feel to only feel nothing?"


"The contrary sweetheart, I feel excitement when my mates kill the couples." I taunted.


"You foul creature! How can you even be considered an Angel of the Lord?"


"I'm not. I'm half demon, half angel. So Half Sister what is that you want?"


"Who said I wanted anything from an inbred like you?"


"You're awfully cruel for someone that is the symbol of love." I returned.


"I take that as a compliment coming from you Karcas." she said, not even missing a beat.


"Taking lessons from cousin dearest?"


"War could care less about our indifference towards one another." 


"Don't you have another name? People don't go around calling me Chaos all the time."


"I do, but why would I tell you my true name?"


"Because your other name is vile and tastes disgusting on my tongue."


"All the more reason to not tell you dear brother."




"You may not be of full blood. But you are still an Angel of the Lord, and you have brothers, and you have sisters. You cannot love, a pity...your punishment for your indifference will be most painful for you."


"What are you going to do to me?" Her hands shot forth, and I was forced to my knees. Me the twin brother of Death was pushed to Heaven's floor by Love my youngest sister. "Your just mad because 'Father' doesn't love you because you're the reason he lost his best bitch."


"Morning Star was not my concern."


"Morning Star created you, you little brat." Her eyes glowed bright, angel white, and her hands glowed to match. A burning in chest resonated throughout my body. The dull ache I always felt when there wasn't enough Chaos in the world grew, and grew until I could hear the unmistakable sound of a heart.


"Now you have heart, the ability to fall in love, and fall in love you will Karcas. Morning Star may be my father; but the Lord is my Savior." She sneered as she walked away, leaving me crumpled up in pain in the clouds of Heaven.

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