Thestrals Are My Very Best Friends

I'm Myra. I'm not the luckiest witch alive. I'm always teased by Slytherins, and even a few Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws join in. I'm a muggle born, allowing them to call me 'mudblood.' Oh, and the last thing? Thestrals are my very best friends.
(Cover by K. E. Kamiko)


4. Thestrals

Eyes flutter open, taking the view of the small dorm room. Everyone is going to breakfast. Well, Except me. I sneak my way into the corridors, finding my way through long corridors to the ground floor. I stare outside, not very many students there. I walk towards a big open space of grass, searching to see if I could find thestrals. I don't see anything, but I rememeber back to my Hogwarts book, and Thestral book, the Hogwarts Thestral herd is located in the Forbidden Forest, but not that far in. Nobody around me, I slip into the forest, armed with my wand. 

I see the beautiful creatures, and walk over to one. I reach my pale hand out, hoping for it's interaction. My hand starts to tremble, as the great best slowly walks forward. It's bony frame is shadowed black, growing lighter as it steps into the sun. It nudges my hand, before nuzzling it, looking for attention. I stare in awe, beforw I hear a rustling. The Thestral rears, flying off in fear. I turn around, to seea certain blonde boy staribg at me. I stare at the ground.

"You shouldn't be here. Why do you think it's called the 'Forbidden' Forest?" He asks. My shoukders shrug, and he stares at me. "Because it's forbidden!" He finishes, and I look at him. His green eyes show worry, yet I walk past him, leaving the thestrals grazing. He follows me, but I stalk pass him.

"What were you even looking at? It's not like anything was there!"  He yells to me, and that's when the tears dripped from my eyes, flowing from my cheeks. Harshly, I turn to him.

"Oh. Yeah. I forgot you had no idea what it's like to lose someone. To see someone you could have saved die before your very eyes! Well it's not fun! So buzz off, and leave me alone! I don't need you! I don't even know you!" I yell to him. I leave him standing there, trying to find words to form. 

I slip into the common room, the rest all eating breakfast. There's one person who stayed, fiddling with a pencil. Quill and ink lay before her, but still she chose the pencil to fiddle with. She flattens a peice of parchment, before scribbling on it, with the pencil. She stares at the drawing, before continuing with the peice.

I realize that tears are still leaking from my eyes. I rub at them, flicking away the tears. The girl looks up, and I realize that she's looking at me. The girl, walking over to me, is about thirteen. She sits next to me, and I stare at her. Scared, I move a but away from her.

"Hi! I'm Molly Weasley II." She says, but instead of answering, I turn away. I can here her stand up, walking back to her chair. She's drawing again, as I hear the sound of the pencil scratching against the parchment paper. I continue wiping the tears, remembering the small time I had with the Thestral. That brief moment of freedom and happiness. All gone in the blink of an eye.

I hear Molly gathering up her parchment and supplies, before running off to class. I check my schedule, neatly folding it up. I have flying lessons today. On a broom.

I walk out of the common room, spotting Scorpius' silver hair. Unsure of where to go, I follow him. He's talking to someone, someone I can't really see.

Ways away, I follow behind. Blonde hair swaying at my sides. I follow Scorpius and the mystery person to the courtyard, where a wierd woman stands. She looks like what Luna described as Madam Hooch, but this would be much to long for her to live, wouldn't it?

All the Gryffindors and Slytherin are lined up, brooms infront of us. I can tell Albus and Scorpius are both excited for thier first flying lessons. But, once again, I am filled with terror, not excitment, as we wait in anticipation.

"I am Madam Hooch II. My mother was the first. Now back to the point. We are going to learn to fly, on brooms. You each have a brrom infront of you, correct? Do NOT touch it. Not yet." Madam explains, and we all reply with a nod to our heads. She gives pursed smile before continuing.

It was everything you could imagine. Boring.


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