Thestrals Are My Very Best Friends

I'm Myra. I'm not the luckiest witch alive. I'm always teased by Slytherins, and even a few Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws join in. I'm a muggle born, allowing them to call me 'mudblood.' Oh, and the last thing? Thestrals are my very best friends.
(Cover by K. E. Kamiko)


2. Long Train rides

Alone. In a compartment I sit, staring at the scenic view outside the window. Raddish softly mews, creating a melody. I start humming along, before actually singing words.

"Slytherin Pride,

Where great wizards reside,

Gryffindors Roar,

Where the bravest soar,

Ravenclaws Fly,

Learning as the day goes by,

Hufflepuffs Grow,

With friends, you know.

Hogwarts Teach,

What alone we cannot reach."

Sighing, my head leans against the window, Raddish seemingly quiet. Such a little kitten, she starts knawing on the metal bars on her cage. Someone barges into the copartment. His black hair greatly contrasts against the bright orangish red of his friend's hair. Without looking at them twice, I already know thier last names. 

Potter and Weasley.

The Weasley girl walks over to me, and puts out her hand. I gently shake it, which she grins to. Her hair gleams in the light of the train. I slightly smile.

"Hi! I'm Rose! Rose Weasley! And this is Albus. Albus Severus Potter!" She says, and all I can think about is how she's acting like a squirrel. Hyper and jittery.

"You look alot familiar." Albus adds. "Do I know you?" He quietly asks. I shake my head.  He frowns a bit.

"But I am told I do look quite a bit like my dad. I'm Myra." I say. Silvery blonde hair and dreamy blue eyes. I look more like Luna and my dad than my mum.

"Are you by any chance related to Luna Lovegood? I've seen pictures of her. From her explorations. Did you know that she and one of her friends were eaten by a bear?" Rose excitedly continues, as if it were something a great. I try to hold back tears, but they start slipping down my face.

"Nope. No relation." I answer Rose's question. Rose and Albus look at me, as if they did something back. Raddish starts softly mewing, and I hum my song again, pushing the cart to another empty compartment. Tears still stream down pale skin, sad, curious blue eyes watering, silver blonde hair swaying.

I see a boy about the same age as me, his hair a shade lighter than mine. It lays messily ruffled. I sit on the other side of the compartment, Raddish finally asleep, purring in contentment. Her gentle breathes are calming, and soon, I'm off to sleep, the fondest memories running around in my mind.

"Do you see these animals? These are thestrals." Aunt Luna said, pointing to a page in the book. I ran my small hand over the picture, gasping in awe. She smiled, ruffling my hair.

"But there's nothing there!" I exclaimed, and she just smiled, clicking her tongue. 

"No, young child. There is something there. Maybe one day you'll be old enough to understand." She whispered. 

I bolt upright, breathing two words.

"I understand!" Breathlessly they are said, and it is as if I still thought I was back during that memory. The boy looks at me, and I quietly look to the floor. Checking my watch, hurriedly I grab my robe and hogwarts uniform. I have to change before we arrive, which will be soon. I decide to bring Raddish with me, just so no one steals her.

The skirt slips around my waist, the vest a bit too warm. I braid my hair down my back, it falling just above my knees. I slip the robe on, picking up a purring Raddish. 


"First years! Come on, first years!" Says an excited man. I can tell he's a Weasley by his flaming red hair. Stories told about the old groundskeeper, Hagrid, fill my mind. Stories told by Luna.

My feet slowly take me towards the roq of boats. Mimicking everyone else, I shakily climb into a rocking rowboat. The boy from the train sits across from me, and we're off, rowing across the lake. I look up to see beautiful creatures flying in the dark sky. I remmeber them rrom my book. I'm staring at a thestral.

The big black wings beat every once in a while, and my heart follows the pattern. Soon my breathing  follows, my rowing mimicking. The thestral flies closer, then looks down, seemingly staring at me. It's dark eyes glint, and the breath leaves my body.

I jolt forward, the boat lodging itself in the ground. The blonde boy has already gotten up, walking with the others toward the giant castle doors. Mouthing 'goodbye' to the beautiful horse-like creature in the sky, I scramble to catch up with the rest of the first years.

We all file in, seeing a man. I already know who this man is. This man is Neville Longbottom. He's visited Luna quite a bit. Luna had told me she fancied him.

He gives me a grin, before starting. "Hello. I am the deputy headmaster Neville Longbottom, I also teach... oh. Nevermind that now. I will call your names and you will sit at a stool. It will all become clearer in a bit," he quietly says. The orders are loud enough that everyone can still hear him.

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