Biebers Crush


3. Monday

I woke up and got into the shower and got dressed in a white and light blue dress . The top was tight and had spaghetti straps and a big light blue bow and 2 inches below the top and the bottom was white and had a couple layers and some black pumps with a black bow at the toe . I lightly curled my hair and did my makeup and walked downstairs and grabbed an apple and walked outside . Justin was in his car driving by " hey Baby girl want a ride " he ask " don't call me baby girl and NO " I shouted the last part . " come on " he said " Umm No " I shout and continue to walk " If you don't get in you will be at school late " he said . I groaned " fine " I said and climbed inside his Ferrari . " looking good baby girl " he said and winked at me " Justin you could go more then 5 miles an hour " I say and tap the dash board . " hey just admiring the view " he says " oh uh go admire your girlfriend " I say and get out of the car and walk inside the school . My best friend Niall sees me and tackles me in a hug . " hey Nialler " I say " hey Les " he says . I take my books out if my locker and stand against it " Justin gave you a ride " he asks " yeah it was full of him flirting and my uh the usual " I say " decline " he says and I laugh . " anyway here he comes " he says and sure enough Justin and his posse walk past " looking good baby " one of them shout " thanks Chase " I say " looking good baby girl " Justin shouts " get a life " I shout back and his friends brake into laughter . Just then slutty Heather walks past and does a little strip dance for Justin ??? " hey babe " she says and kisses him . He looks back at me and looks at her . He smashes his lisp against hers and they make out . Jealousy doesn't work on me . Just then Chase walks to me and smiles " hi chase " I say " oh hey baby " he says . He smashes his lips against mine . Did I mention we date . " so wanna have a movie night with me and Justin and Heather " he asks " and a couple other people " he continues , " yeah sure pick me up at 6 " I say and he kisses me one last time " love you " he says " you to see ya after class chasey " I say and he smiles " see ya babe " he says and walks away . Niall looks at me and smiles " you two are happy aren't you " he asks " I'm happy I don't know what he is but he seems happy " I say and he smiles . The bell rings and Niall and I hurry to class before we get stuck in hallway traffic . ( skip school day it's now 4 ) Niall and i stood in y closet looking for something for me to wear " oh this " he says and pulls out a hot pink tank top and a pair of black sweatpants with ' Love Pink ' on it in diamonds and some black Uggs and a hot pink Love Pink sweater . I get dressed and chase comes to pick me up . Niall stays at my house . Chase and I walk to Justin's house and knock on the door . Chase just opens it and Justin is sitting next to Heather " hey bro " chase says to Justin . " hey man " he says and they do a handshake . Heather looks at me " Umm hi " I say and she quickly turns away . We all sit on the couch and after awhile chase takes me outside . In the poring rain he says " listen this isn't working out I think we shod break up " he says . " w-what " I stutter . " yeah " he says " good bye Lesley " he says and kisses my cheek and walks off with Heather . I stand shocked and start to cry . After awhile Justin comes outside " are you ok " he ask " no chase broke up with me " I cry and he embraces me in a hug " it's ok he wasn't good enough for you anyway " he says and kisses my temple just then at that very moment I fell for Justin and I fell HARD . I looked into his eyes and I couldn't control myself . I started to lean in and he smashed his lips against mine . We broke and looked into each other's eyes " wanna go inside " he asks . I smile "yeah " I say and we dry off and He gives me a pair of sweats and a tank top . After awhile of watching T.V Pattie walks in " Lesley I have some bad news " Pattie says and sits next to Justin and I " hmm " I ask " Well , your mother and father are in the hospital actually thy are ....... Dead " Pattie says and rubs my back . I look at her with wide eyes and start to cry . Justin embraces me in a hug and says " sh it will all be ok wanna stay here " he asks . I sniffle and nod " oh my gosh I'm so sorry " I say and look at his shirt " eh it's ok " he says and hugs me . " here's let's go pack your stuff " he says and we all walk over to my house . I pack up my room and take my dad's guitar and my moms favorite necklace that said Love with diamonds . I put my stuff in Justin's room and sat on Justin's bed and placed my dads guitar in my lap . I started to strum a little song that my dad taught me when I was 5 . Tears brimmed my eyes as I sang . When I finished I was in tears crying my heart out into my hands . I looked up and saw Justin walking towards the bed " I just miss them Justin I miss them .... I love them so much " I shout and cry as he hugs me . I wipe my eyes and look up to him , " everything will be alright because you have me " he whispers in my ear sending shivers through my spine . He rubs my back and I lay on his chest . " will you be my girlfriend " he ask " sure " I say and he kisses me again . " please just don't hurt me " I whisper " I wouldn't think of it " he whispers back and kisses me temple .

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