Cameron Dallas

Hey guys I'm making a Cameron Dallas one cause no one seems to bee making any. So if you don't now who Cameron Dallas is he is a viner and that us him in the picture


2. flashback

This is crazy I'm going to magcon. I thought it would never happen. But it is we are waiting to get in. And I'm going crazy, on the inside cause I need to act cool. Okay we are going in.

" hello everybody and thanks for coming out today for the show. " Nash said

" we are going to start with Shawn he is going to sing Cooler than me and Dark horse." Taylor said

***after both songs***

" now it's time for the meet and greets just go to a table and yea." Carter said

Hey sorry guys I have to get to school I will publish after school and I mean right. Thank you all for reading please keep reading. Love you all

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