Sam just moved to a new school, and she's feeling uncomfortable. Her big brother, Brett, has left one day, leaving Sam with her little seven year old sister, Alyssa. Sam discovers a dark secret about her family, that may change her life forever, and the answer to where Brett is.


1. First Days In California

"You just hate me," Sam mumbled. "Why did you have to make us do this? We just moved to this new school, I went through being the new kid, and I was actually getting some friends, now i have to go through being the new kid all over again!"

"Sam," Alyssa tugged on her sister's sleeve. "Where's Brett?"

Sam sighed to herself. "I don't know Sarah..." No one knew where Brett was, he one day left for work in Chicago. He was supposed to be back in California in three days, he never came back. Sam called the police, and they have been searching, and still are searching for the older sibling. 

"What happened to Brett?" Alyssa didn't understand that Brett is missing. She looks at her older sister with hope.

"We don't know Alyssa," Sam's voice cracked, she held back tears. "I'm trying Alyssa. The police are trying to help find him! All we could do is wish for the best."

Alyssa growled, "You don't know anything!" She stormed to her room.

Sam cried in her hands. "I wish I did know what's happening!"




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