The sleepover

Fivish girls have a fun night at the creepypasta mansion where there are no boys aloud, at least I think there is...


4. Truth or dare

     This night just had to get more worst then my brother's sleepover where they made me be the center of attention. When I mean center of attention, I meant all their guy friends staring at my breasts and other god damn shit. But I guess begers can't be choosers if you know what i'm saying and if you don't then thats your problem.

I saw two boys that walked into the room, and as you can guess it was Kimi/Suki's brothers known as Takumi and Yuusuke. They were the adopted children that came to Kimi/Suki's life and still are ever since their parents died. Takumi was the eldest child who was really protective against Suki. He had dark purple eyes, and wore glasses that make you look super smart but he is really smart if you ask me. He was also had medium black hair and was very tall and has very pale skin that almost looks like a vampire but don't worry, he is not a vampire. Then there is Kuusuke, he was the middle child of the bunch and was one year younger then Takumi. He had short light blue hair with long bangs, his eyes were grey and was tall like Takumi but 2 inches shorter, and had very tan skin. Do not ask about his personality and if you continue to ask I will grab your heart out of your chest and eat it.

"Oh, if it isn't Takumi and Yuusuke"


"Hi Yuusuke"

I noticed that Takumi had walked over to Kimi and sat down next to her and held his hands tight on Kimi's shoulder," Kimi, don't try anything stupid okay." That was all he said.

"Ok, it's time for truth or dare!

Oh no, truth or dare the one sleepover game I hate the most, especially since it was at Ben's house and how that was a nightmare. But I guess all I have to do is deal with this shit and get this over with and just get to bed.

"Okay, Let's start with Suki! Suki I dare you to strip in front of all of us HAHA"

" Nita! are you crazy, why would you make Suki do such a t-"

I turned toward Suki and saw her get up and take off her jacket revealing her shirt with an angel symbol on it. I wanted to stop her but it was a dare and you can't back away from a dare no matter what you excuse is. The only thing pissing me off besides Suki stripping was Yuusuke super loud chanting. God how I feel so bad for Takumi and Kimi and Suki and wish they could come live with us.


"Will you shut the fuck up!"

 As I turned I had noticed that Suki was done and she had comepletly stripped all of her clothing from head to toe. She was not even covering herself at all and her face turned a bright red and everyone turned around except Nita and Yuusuke. Takumi quickly put on all her clothes as fast as he could and there was no more naked Suki.

" Okay, now it's Mindy's turn and you can't move out of this one and I get to use three truth or dares on you"

" What, that's not fair!"

" Just deal with it!"


I just looked really nervous cause I didn't know what dare or truth they were going to use on me to make me spill on everything. The thing I hope they don't ask is the letter from Seth that I have been holding ever since I have gotten kidnapped.

"Dare, dare, truth" those were my choices.

Kimi had gotten the first go and said,"I dare you to wear nothing but a bra and a panty all night!!" I just looked at her like she has just gotten back from crazy land or she has escaped from it, either way. Sadly I had to do just that and I was already red even when I had taken only my shirt off and then my skirt was next. When that was done I got back on the floor and wrapped a blanket around me and gave Kimi a dirty look," I am so getting back at you!" But there was still the other dare and truth to go and hopefully it's not that bad, " Now I dare you to call Jeff and talk like you wanna fuck him and you have to make it convincing! she taunted. My anger rose up and I just yelled, " You have got to be fucking kidding me!"

" Just do it!!"

 Slowly I grabbed my cellphone and and quickly dialed Jeff's phone number and begging for him not to answer. But the bad luck came and I put it on speaker for everyone to hear which was just even worst." Hello, and if this is a prank call I am going to find you and put you to sleep in about 2 minutes sharp." Everyone began to chuckle and I just ignored them and replied with, "Hi jeff, it's me Mindy, are you alone?" God I can't believe I just asked that even to the last person I would say that to." No, i'm with Ben and smile, why is something wrong?" I wanted to stop so bad but I can't back out even if I tried." Oh Jeff, i am so lonely and I realy need someone to talk to and I thought that you would be my only option." That was the most suductive voice I had ever made in my entire life and how I want to stop." Wait a minute Mindy, are you saying you wanna fuck me or you want to just talk to me because it sounds like you wanna fuck me!" Oh god how this is so awkward and how much I am going to kill Kimi once i'm done with him." Yeah I wanna fuck you and if you will except this offer then meet me tomorrow at noon okay." Oh crap i'm in hell. " Heck yeah see you and your body tomorrow Mindy! bye!" I ended the call and saw everyone hold in their laugh but didn't suceed in the process.

"HAHAHAHA, OH MY GOD! THAT WAS THE MOST CRAZIEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN IN MY LIFE!!!!!" They all laughed except Takumi who never shows his emotions.

 "Shut up! Do you know what I have to do tomorrow because of you guys and your dares!"

" Okay okay, now for the truth, who is Seth and what is his relationship with you and why do you always carry that letter around?"

* OH SHIT!!!*

Author's note:

Okay there is part four and if you all were wandering the striping part for Suki was Kimi-san's idea and Kimi, Suki, Takumi, and Yuusuke are her characters. The rest are mine and next chapter you will all find out who Seth is and any likes or comments will convince me that you want to find out. So it's time for the horror queen to catch some humans now goodbye.   


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