The sleepover

Fivish girls have a fun night at the creepypasta mansion where there are no boys aloud, at least I think there is...


5. The weird moment

    They continued to stare at me until I tell them about who he was and how important he might be in the process. I didn't want to tell them, because that night when I was kidnapped he threatened to kill someone close to me if I tell. But I can't lie on truth or dare even if I wanted to, so I went in the middle of the circle and began to chant the words of memory. For as you can see, I am able to show flashbacks of my past. So far I am the only one who even holds this kind of ability and how other people would love to have it. His name was Seth and he was one of my closest friends and how I wish we were more then friends back then.

"Seth wait up, you know I am only 8 you know"

" Oh hehe sorry Mindy I forgot so were do you wanna go for tonights hunting"

But sadly my story just ended at that and went back to the friends of mine who just looked at me like I was crazy. So I explained to them that it only lasts for a few minutes and I can't continue the story for what they wish for.


Sorry but the memory spell doesn't last that long and it's not like I can remember anything after I have been through amnesia. But I was pretty happy because I didn't really want to tell about them about that asshole that I hope would actually die one day. That's never gonna happen because he is immortal and I know because I tried to kill him but I couldn't lay my knife or gun at him at all.

" Okay Yuusuke, Shut the fuck up and these spells waste alot of energy out of me so don't think you would understand!"

He shut up for only two seconds and then he started to get even more hyper by the minute and I begged Kimi/ Suki to make it stop. But not even they could stop his crazy brain to function if you know what I mean. I just went to get my gun and was about to aim it right at Yuusuke when I noticed Takumi had gotten up. He grabbed Yuusuke and only saw Yuusuke just grabbing the floor and going somewhere. I just looked at Suki and said," So where are they going?" I said. " T-takmi-san is throwing Yuusuke o-outside as h-his punishment" that was all that Suki said.

Takumi came back and acted like nothing ever happened to Yuusuke or anything for that matter and I sorta thought that was weird but Takumi will always be Takumi. It felt strange because Nita would always talk about everything and not be quiet. Trust me, Nita is not the silent type and I found that very strange. So I just said," Nita, is something wrong, do you need to go home or are you hungry.

It got very creepy because Nita started to sing a song that I remember all to well that every inch of my body began to shake.

" Little flower lost in hell continue to run and never know the light but once you find the light again then you will be mine lost flower"

Nita morphed into one of seth's servant known as Tison and before I could react I was pinned to the wall and seeing his bright eyes that haunt me.

Author's note:

Hi it's horror queen and sorry it took so long but I had school and other crap but I hope this chapter was very amusing for you guys. As for Kimi-san I hope you like this cause I added Yuusuke getting kicked out. Well anyway goodbye and make sure Tison doesn't find you. 


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