The sleepover

Fivish girls have a fun night at the creepypasta mansion where there are no boys aloud, at least I think there is...


1. The invitation

                 It was just a normal day as a family of siblings were about to have a very exciting visit from a friend.

The doorbell rang a few times and finally was answered by a girl named Nita who was the third oldest of all her siblings. She opened the door slowly to find a girl that looked to be 19 and had pinkish hair in the form of a ponytail.

"Kimi, Oh it is so great to see you, how have you been? Please please do come in, everyone will be so happy to see you!"

Nita lead Kimi into the living room where a girl and two boys sat watching violent movies and constanlty yelling at each other. "Jason you asshole, watch wear your swinging that sword! The oldest sibling yelled. "Oh shut up! I bearly hit you" The demonic looking boy said while still swing his sword around.

The girl stood up and noticed her younger sister and her friend who she hasn't seen for a long time. She had very long black hair with very demonic red eyes that always had the look of murder on them, she also had a white tank-top with a broken heart symbol and a black and grayish skirt that matched her perfectly.

"Well if it isn't the life of the party, where have you been kimi?

Kimi just flew up to Mindy and yelled," You bitch! You haven't called me for so long I almost thought you were dead.She stammered. Mindy just looked shocked for a second and calmed down," Calm down Kimi I was a little busy taking care of my bros and sis, if you were in my shoes you would understand." Mindy thought that would calm her down but Kimi's anger was very wild even for a mere mad man.

"Don't tell me to calm down can't see that i'm fuckin p-" Kimi's voice suddenly ended.

Kimi's ego had changed into  her kind form known as suki, Suki is Kimi but she is a more kind and shy type, and she mostly likes her hair down.

"s-sorry for Kimi's behavior, the reason we came here is because we wanted to invite you and Nita to a s-sleepover"said shy little Suki.

"Of course we'll go, it's been so long since we have had a nice get together and i'm sure we would love to g-" Kimi all of a sudden popped out and yelled rather hyperly," OK WE"LL SEE YOU LATER AND DON"T FORGET YOUR PJ"S, AND OTHER SHIT!!!!!!!"

And with that Kimi was gone in a flash, and all you could hear was the door slamming aganst the wall.

"Well' I hope you have fun with the sleepover  and whatever crap you have to deal with Kimi and Suki." said Jason and blood.

Mindy just ignored her idiot brothers and just thought about the horrific fun that her and Nita are gonna have.

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