The sleepover

Fivish girls have a fun night at the creepypasta mansion where there are no boys aloud, at least I think there is...


6. The end of the crazy night

    The boy that I once called a friend had me pinned to the wall like I was some kind of toy for him to play with. But the more I tried to struggle the more my air began to wither and die out, though I was more worried about Nita then all of this crap that was happening.

" Where the hell is Nita you stupid ass bitch!?"

" Now now, is that anyway to treat an old friend"

I looked at Suki and noticed that Kimi had came out and knowing her this was going to be one interesting night and I will soon be free of this nightmare that I wish could just end. Then when she turned to Suki I was in happy mode because I knew that Kimi was going to kick his ass when she was done with him. Before Jason could get to the window and take me with him in time Kimi lunged at him and began to ride him and slam him into the wall.

" Now that is the bitch that Seth wants to fuck" Jason said with little smirk that came across his stupid ass face.

Once that was said they began to duke it out, and it fell like for ever with all the punching and stuff and all I could think of is when is it going to fucking end. Then I saw  that Jason punched Kimi and slammed her on the wall and grabbed her by the hair feeling very confident. So I just smirked and just said to Jason," I wouldn't do that if I were you or you might just regret it." That was when Kimi Flew up and got a hold on Jason and Crashed his head on the roof and watched him fall on his face.

" Kimi that was awsome!!" Screamed Nita as she was holding some snacks.

" When did you get here?!" I said

" I've oh I got here when Kimi and Jason were duking it out!!" She said very hyper

Jason just got up and trembled a little as he spit out alot of blood and stared at Kimi like he wanted to fucking kill her. Then he looked at everyone else and finally layed his eyes on me." Heh, Mindy you sure have some good ass friends that will take care of you" He said as he was still coughing out blood. He vanished and just appeared in my face and whispered in my ear " But don't expect them to save you when you are overcome by insanity" As that was said he jumped out the window and vanished into the darkness.

"What did he say to you sis?" Nita said with her eyes full of concern and worry.

" It was nothing let's jut catch some shut eye oh and Kimi thanx for saving me from that asshole!"

I hadn't noticed but everyone was already asleep and that I was the only one awake so I just went on the floor and drifted off to sleep.

My eyes woke to see Nita already to leave and Kimi was still out and told me i see him again she wants me to kick his ass but you know how she can be. So we were off and I came home to see Blood and Vixen with girls as usaual and told them to leave and have them hugging me. Though sometimes I find it annoying and sometimes i actually like it.

I just went on the couch and read my favorite book and as I sat down the doorbell rang and I was pissed by that. So I stomped all the way thinking that Kimi was there again and she wanted another sleep over as always. I opened the door in my mad face ready to flash at who ever was at the door at anytime.

" What the hell do y-" I stopped at a mid sentence to see the face of the one I wish to never see in forever. It was Seth

" Hey Mindy it's been awhile"

Author's note: 

Hi i'm back did you miss me and I finished the last chapter I did a cliffhanger because i'm gonna continue with the story with another  so it is like a series so tell me if you want me to continue it by commenting and adding me and liking me see ya bitches


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