The sleepover

Fivish girls have a fun night at the creepypasta mansion where there are no boys aloud, at least I think there is...


2. The deadly night

           It was around 5 pm and my little sister and I were on our way to Kimi/Suki's house were we will we have a very fun and deadly night. On the walk there, I felt like there was something not right, like we were expecting someone that will continue to follow us. When I looked at Nita, I could see that she did not feel safe at all. 

"Nita, do you feel a stange vibe aroud here?"

There was no answer which made me even more unsafe, all I could hear was my heart rapidly beating and when I had turned around, she was gone.

"Nita! Nita where the hell are you? This isn't funny."

Mindy's POV

Feeling how serious this sounded I just wanted to call off the invitation and go look for my little sister for crying out loud. This was really freaking me out and as I stepped back I had ran into someone. Two hands grabbed my arms and my extincts took over. My arms broke apart and I flipped the mysterious figure and slammed it to the ground. I went for my socks and pulled out a gun and aimed it at the figure. 

" Mindy calm down! it's me BEN you know, the one that gave you your children!"

" BEN what the hell are you doing out here?! You scared the crap out of me!"

He slowly got up and began to explain why he was out here and how he was pissed about how Mindy reacted.

" Jeff and I were looking for smile and I just happened to run into you, but if I'd known how you were going to act I wouldn't even have bothered to say hi!"

That was all he said, and with that he ran off into the dark alley way that only a crazy maniac like himself would go through.

I had heard running and I looked to see my sister Nita came running right at me and just grabbed my hand and began to run again.

" Mindy! stop laying around, were going to be late and you know how Kimi gets when people are late to her parties and junk."

We had finally stopped at a very tall castle where Kimi/ Suki and her two brothers had lived in which seemed like forever. That was when the door had opened and we haven't even rang the doorbell yet. Thankfully it was Suki and knowing her, she will forgive us for being late, if she doesn't turn into Kimi.

normal POV

" There you guys are, please come in, we already have a room all prepared for all of us to play truth or dare and tell stories s-"

"Let's get this show on the road" Kimi had popped out.

She flew to the room as Nita and Mindy had followed her to a room that could fit at least 8 people for that matter. There was even a bathroom and a floor where I guess is where we are going to sleep.

" Damn, this room is huge!'

Author's note

I hope the second chapter was a little better, if you want me to continue the story please give me comments of how much they like it and if there is any suggestion please don't be shy to tell me.

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