The sleepover

Fivish girls have a fun night at the creepypasta mansion where there are no boys aloud, at least I think there is...


3. Let the fun begin

   When we entered the room I just sat peacefully on the floor while Nita was being nothing but curious for the past five minutes. Nita obseved all the dolls that stood around and since she is fourteen she still has some girl vibes in her.

" Mindy, look at all the dolls, they are so cute and lovable."

"Whatever, hey kimi what are we gonna do tonight...Kimi?" 

Mindy had not noticed that Kimi had got onto the fan and was spinning in a fast motion but hey Kimi loves to be wild, so it's not my problem. One of my best friends came in known as Banpreet," Hey Mindy, Nita, and of course Kimi!" Banpreet would always wear a braid so she will be the same person I became friends with.

" Hey Banpreet how are you doing it's been so long since we seen each other."I said in a very mature tone.

"Oh i've been doing great and everything is just p-" Banpreet was interupted by a loud scream.

"AHHHHHHHH!HOW DID I GET UP HERE, GET ME DOWN!" Kimi had turned into Suki and was not happy to see where she ended up in.

We all quickly tried to find the off switch to the fan, but since this room is so fricken big it seemed impossible to find it. Banpreet went by the dolls that Nita was admiring and luckily found the switch to the fan. Banpreet was going for the button but I realized what would happen to suki once she turns off the screen.


"Wait Banpreet don't turn off the s-" but it was to late.

Once the switch was off the fan came to a complete stop which sent Suki flying and crashing into the wall. Everyone was so worried about Suki because everyone knew how sensitive she could get and how much damage she must have took. When she fell to the ground, you can see the cracks that were on the wall just by being blind.

" Suki, are you alright" everyone had said.

" That was fuckin awsome! let's do it again! But this time even faster!"

" Kimi you are such a bitch for scarying us like that!"

She had totally ignored me and ran to the kitchen to grab some snacks for us to munch on which I hope she wont get too extreme. It left me to think about my recent kidnapping which how I felt so retarded to fall for a stupid trap. How I wish I could just find him and beat the crap out of him and his fuckin face.

" I got snacks bitches!!" Kimi had walked in the room with nothing but junk food.

" Wow, they look delicious and-" Banpreet was interupted by Nita.

"And theres marshmellows! Nita had screamed.

While everyone was distracted by the food I was reading a letter I had gotten ever since the kidnapping from a couple of months ago. You know how it feels to get kidnapped by someone who fell in love with you and you don't really love him back. Well try having a guy that just won't take no for an answer.

" Mindy, get you ass over here and get ready for truth or dare! and this time you can't keep any secrets from me because I know when your lying!"


* Oh shit, I wouldn't mind getting kidnapped again right now and I mean anything to save me from this game that will ruin my life. Especially with Kimi hearing every word about everything and don't get me started about dare.


Autor's note:

Okay, part three is done and can you give me any truth or dare questions or dares I could put in this next chapter. As for Kimi-san I am glad you like how Kimi acts and Suki is least I think so, so please leave some comments for me. Horror queen out. 

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