When Kara an Cierra move to Ireland and meet the five boys what will happen when Cierra falls in love with Niall and Harry? Or will Cierra chose one and leave the other one hurt? Whatever will happen it will be..... (You chose)


1. moving to Ireland....

(Cierra's pov)

Finally me and my bestie moved to Ireland and we have A-LOT of unpacking to do and all Kara is about is One Direction... Me not so much (jk love them)...she's been fangirling since I told her we are moving to Ireland and she wont stop to help me unpack its ANNOYING!! but i'm almost done and when i'm going shopping with or with out kara. I finally got done packing and kara did too instead of fangirling she actually did something for once . When we were done packing we got changed and went shopping. I wore a white tank top with blue ripped jean shorts and black vans while she wore a pink '' I Love Louis'' shirt with black jean shorts with rips in them, Then we went shopping for clothes. I got a purple "I love Ireland" shirt and black ripped shorts and Kara got a blue "Louis Tommo" shirt with white skinny jeans. Once we were finished shopping we started to walk back to our apartment when I bumped into someone. "Oh sorry I wasn't watching where I was going" it's okay I was on my phone and walking with out looking. The curly haired boy said. Kara was just standing there a little shocked of who we bumped into and I was the one talking. So what's your name? He must of been from Ireland cause his ascent. My name is Cierra and she's Kara um your's? My name is Harry, the boy with green eyes. I'm louis this is Liam and Niall and Zayn. Said the one with the bright blue eyes.Finally when Kara could talk she asked if they would sing us a song. I was really confused but then she said that they are One Direction so I was stunned when I found that out. When the fans and pap found us we didn't know what to do so we just ran. WHERE ARE WE GONNA GO!!? Harry said. WE CAN GO TO MY HOUSE ITS JUST DOWN THE STREET!! When we finally got to my house I locked the doors and went to sit down. So um hi. Harry said, Hi I said back. Well um what do you want to know about the famous One Direction? Um I not a big fan but Kara is. Oh well Kara who do like of us boys? Liam said. Uh Uh Uh I like Louis. She said it like she was very nervous to say it since we are standing right in front of One Direction.

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