When Kara an Cierra move to Ireland and meet the five boys what will happen when Cierra falls in love with Niall and Harry? Or will Cierra chose one and leave the other one hurt? Whatever will happen it will be..... (You chose)


2. Getting To Know The Boys

(Kara's pov)

Uh uh I like Louis. I said nervously of what they were going to say.Urm can I talk to you for a second please? Urm Harry why do you ask just grab my hand and take me to talk haha. Then once I said that he grab my hang softly and took me into my room. I was going to sit on my bed when I was tackled by Harry. HARRY WHAT ARE YOU FLIPPING DOING!!!!! I yelled so he can only hear. I have to tell you something but it has to be very secret okay Kay... Ilikeyou he said fast so I couldn't hear. Huh I said low. I LIKE YOU. He yelled. Jeez okay I like you too but I like Louis an he told me he liked me so Idk I said getting up and running out of the room. Wait HARRY said but I just left. So Urm what were you guys talking about?Louis said happily. Nothing we both said quickly. Oh sure Louis said I know how you are Harry. What do you mean? Well when Harry likes a girl he normally just uses him and gets in their pants and leaves them in a week or so. Oh well I'm gonna go get a drink I said while walking into the kitchen. Wait Kara Harry said. I just need to be alone for now I said trying to hold back tears. Please just let me explain. No Harry I can't. YOU SAID YOU LIKED ME, IS ALL WHAT LOUIS SAID TRUE!!! I screamed. By now everyone was I the kitchen. OMG Cierra Harry said."Harry you told me you liked me you asked me out she said hurt."

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