In love with Harry❤️

When you go to a party you might find the live of your life. Kylie Richards did. Harry Styles.


3. Kylie's POV

I loved my Hazza so much!!! My curly haired lover was the best thing to ever happen to me!! I ordered Harry's favorite, Chinese food. I got a bunch of food and a romance movie. I was now 6 months pregnant. You could really feel the baby kick! We are not finding out what our bundle of joy is but we have names. If it's a girl it's Olivia, and if it's a boy it's Liam. Yes it would be named after his uncle Liam! The full name would be Liam Louis Styles. We didn't want Zayn and Niall to be left out so they are great uncles. All of the guys love feeling Olivia/ Liam kick. My new bffs are Zayns gf Perrie and Louis gf Eleanor. All of us hang all the time. We hang out at Nandos a lot because Niall loves to eat there or anywhere.

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