In love with Harry❤️

When you go to a party you might find the live of your life. Kylie Richards did. Harry Styles.


1. Kylie's POV

I'm so in love!!! With Harry Styles! Hard to believe right? Listen, we met each other at a party and things happend. You know. And I fell in LOVE with him. He told me he would never leave me And it been a month and he hasen't. He helps me through all my sickness because I've been throwing up a lot lately. I'm really scared that I'm pregnant. I'm going to take a test today and I'm freaking out!! If I'm pregnant will he leave me or support me? I love him and if I was pregnant he was the only one in the world who could be the dad. I got in my car and drove off. I stopped for some Starbucks and got a Carmel macchiato. It was almost time for me to go in! The doctor called me in and told me to sit down while she got the test. I had to pee in this little cup and give it to Dr. Miles. About ten minutes later she came back in the room and sat down. GULP!

"Ms. Richardson, you are pregnant!"

How could I be pregnant I'm 19 years old!! How will I tell Hazza?

"Thank you doctor."

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